Light Roast of the Month

Our rotating selection of single origin, fair trade and organic coffees from Texas Coffee Traders

March: Sumatra

world map highlighting Indonesia

From the island of Sumatra in western Indonesia, this moderately acidic Vienna Roast boasts an earthy flavor with a full body and hints of rich dark chocolate.

April: Peru

world map highlighting Peru

A medium body with a hint of vanilla and a slight sharpness characterize the flavor of this Vienna Roast from the Pacific coast of South America.

May: Sidamo Blonde

world map highlighting Ethiopia

From the southernmost province in Ethiopia, this mildly acidic light roast is characterized by flavors of sweet, fruity wine.

June: Bali Kintamani

world map highlighting Indonesia

Bold chocolate and fruit combine with delicate floral fragrances in this Vienna Roast from the village of Kintamani in Indonesia’s Bali province.

July: Yirgacheffe

world map highlighting Ethiopia

A spicy Vienna Roast from the town of Yirgacheffe in south-central Ethiopia, this fruity coffee presents flavors of wine and wild blackberry.

August: Timor

world map highlighting Indonesia

The earthiest coffee in our rotation, this light roast comes from the island of Timor near the southern end of Indonesia. Expect a medium body and moderate acidity followed by notes of hops, cocoa, and sour green apple.

September: Café Monteverde

world map highlighting Costa Rica

Sweet brown sugar, tart lemon, and savory caramel set apart this project coffee grown by Café Monteverde near the Cloud Forest in Costa Rica.

October: Guatemala

world map highlighting Guatemala

The perfect balance of sweetness, smoothness, and nutty flavors are accented by slight notes of chocolate in this Guatemalan light roast.

November: Honduras

world map highlighting Honduras

Contrasting the rich sweetness of molasses with the crisp acidity of citrus, this Vienna Roast from Honduras offers notes of chocolate and wine.

December: Mexico

world map highlighting Mexico
Flavors of rich chocolate and exhilarating spice mark this coffee grown in the closest coffee region to Texas.

January: Brazil

world map highlighting Brazil
Snappy and sassy, our Brazil Blonde is a peanut-buttery delight with pleasantly bright acidity.