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Coffee beans in a rustic bag

Coffee’s Origins

Coffee is one of the world’s most beloved beverages, enjoyed by millions every day. But do you ever stop to wonder about its origins? Where…
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Frisco TX Chocolate coffee in a cute cup with heart smiley face drawn in chocolate on it

What Does Mocha Coffee Mean?

Mocha is a drink made from various ingredients but commonly refers to a blended combination of coffee and chocolate. However, mocha isn’t just your average…
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Woman sitting in bed experiencing abdominal pain

Can Coffee Lead to Gas and Bloating?

First discovered in the 9th century in Ethiopia, coffee has been a great beverage enjoyed for centuries. Coffee is a stimulant with natural perks that…
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blonde vs dark roast

Blonde Roast Coffee: What Is It? 

The presence of dark roasts, white roasts, medium roasts, and the new, blonde roasts makes it hard to differentiate the coffee beans’ tastes. Although blonde…
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