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Chocolate coffee in a cute cup with heart smiley face drawn in chocolate on it

What Does Mocha Coffee Mean?

Mocha is a drink made from various ingredients but commonly refers to a blended combination of coffee and chocolate. However, mocha isn’t just your average…
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Woman sitting in bed experiencing abdominal pain

Can Coffee Lead to Gas and Bloating?

First discovered in the 9th century in Ethiopia, coffee has been a great beverage enjoyed for centuries. Coffee is a stimulant with natural perks that…
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blonde vs dark roast

Blonde Roast Coffee: What Is It? 

The presence of dark roasts, white roasts, medium roasts, and the new, blonde roasts makes it hard to differentiate the coffee beans’ tastes. Although blonde…
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Coffee pouring into a glass and spilling out

Can You Overdose on Coffee?

You know what they say, “Coffee is the world’s favorite drug.” With that being said, it’s kind of hard to avoid coffee. It easily can…
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Collection of Specialty Coffees

What Is Specialty Coffee?

Every coffee drinker has come across a specialty coffee, mainly a shop referred to as Specialty or a bag of beans called Specialty. Avid coffee…
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