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Our Frisco and San Marcos Coffee Shops offer a wide variety of coffee drinks, from a seasonal drip to a specialty latte. Not sure what the difference in a macchiato and a latte are? No worry, our blog has the answer to this question as well as anything else you may be curious about when it comes to coffee types and brewing methods.

Learn more about that rich, energizing brew we all love! Don’t forget to stop on by for a coffee in Frisco or San Marcos, TX.

Food & Drinks

Did you know our Frisco and San Marcos coffee shops offer more than just coffee? Our menus vary per location and each offer their own food, baked goods, and non-coffee drinks. Maybe you’re curious about the new trend of matcha or kombucha drinks, or even Terra bars. Our blog discusses the benefits and possibilities of matcha, as well as other specialty food and drinks.

Get the inside scoop on all of the specialty items that make Mochas & Javas unique.


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