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Ordering some lunch for yourself is quite an easy process. But what about ordering for an entire company? This can be frustrating as you must satisfy each worker’s taste and preference to leave them with a mouthwatering and remarkable company lunch. Luckily, we have carefully composed some company lunch catering tips and ideas that can help you overcome this problem. Dig in!

1. Order some Sandwich Boxes

Sandwiches are the most-loved food by most people. You can order some boxes of cold meat sandwiches to ensure every company worker gets satisfied. Also, you can attempt ordering sandwiches that will be a surprise to the workers. Serve your coworkers with a spicy meal of grilled cheese, meatball sandwiches, and caramelized onions from your local produce.

2. Some Salad Boxes Will Be Good

Don’t forget some salad boxes for your coworkers when ordering the main meal. Most people love salad for its incredible health benefits and additional dietary punch. In addition to a good taste, salads serve a great role in preventing diseases and providing energy for the tasks to be completed that day . Thus, including salad boxes for every worker will be a great way to ensure that they stay healthy and have enough energy ready for their routine work chores.

3. Desserts Will Play a Great Role

Most workers eat irregularly at the workplace due to their busy schedules. This triggers a shortfall of the general blood sugar and an increased urge for sweets. Fortunately, with some desserts, you will supply such workers with great quantities of fats and sugars that will improve their health and performance. For the best outcomes, you should order fruit-made desserts, dark chocolate, milk, milkshakes, whole-wheat flour, and suitable healthy alternatives. Thankfully, your coworkers will enjoy the meal and acquire notable health benefits.

4. Kolaches are always a Favorite

Kolaches are a great snack or even can serve as a complete meal. With bread and various fillings such as sausage and sausage and cheese, you cannot go wrong with some delicious kolaches. Texas is known for Kolaches, so it just makes since to offer these at your catered lunch for a business in Texas. Serve them with mustard or other dipping sauces and you cannot go wrong!

5. Coffee or Tea

Don’t forget beverages! Whether all your employees love coffee, or they are more tea drinkers, we have options for everyone’s tastes. Having some coffee or teas offered along with the catered lunch your providing for your employees really is the cherry on top. Who doesn’t love a good cup of tea or coffee with their lunch?

4. Serve in a Family Style

Serving coworkers in a family style will help you deal with dietary restrictions and varying tastes. Family style is a revamp of a buffet, and it involves placing various dishes on the table for everyone to serve themselves. This approach is practical for groups with fewer people to ensure that everyone feels comfortable. Alternatively, you can consider a buffet where a well-dressed server will serve the attendants if you are going for a more dressed up and fancy type of event.

5. Schedule a Lunch Pickup

Your company may have a lot of employees to be served. Allowing everyone to wait in a queue or in the dining room to eat can form a breeding site for germs and make people wait unnecessary amounts of time for their food that could better be used doing something else. Instead, you can give every worker time to pick up their lunch. This way, you will ensure every worker gets lunch in a timely manor without waiting too long. You can consider grouping workers into small groups to come for food at intervals. This will also prevent loss of time and provide enough space for every worker when picking up their lunch.


While it can be frustrating to cater lunch for company workers, Mochas & Javas aims to simplify this task for you, so your employees or coworkers can enjoy some delicious food during the hustle and bustle of the workday. You can use our suggestions in your next company catering event to ensure every worker has an exciting experience.

Lunch Catering in Frisco & San Marcos, TX

If you are looking for some delicious Lunch and Treats to offer to your employees or co workers, give Mochas & Javas a try! We offer various Sandwich, Salad, and Dessert boxes that are sure to wow your team! Our Friscos catering service is simple, you just send us your order or call to place an order, and we will have it ready for you when you need it! Give us a call or visit our website today to view our catering menus!

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