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How to Infuse Your Home with That Coffee Shop Atmosphere You Love


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If you’re like many people, you’d love to make your home a little more comfortable or productive by infusing it with some of that coffee shop atmosphere so many of us love. Imagine waking up to the aromas and sounds your very own coffee shop with all of your favorite drinks right in your own home! Popular though this idea might be, many people seem to be unsure of how to achieve that special coffee house essence. It’s relatively simple, and with only a few minor adjustments, you will be amazed at the ambiance you create within your home.

The following ideas will create the perfect atmosphere for you to enjoy your morning coffee cup and feel cozy all day. You may not necessarily need each of these, but they will cumulatively add together for a greater effect overall than they would have individually.

Aromatic Beans

What is the first thing you notice when you step into the door of your favorite coffee shop? We would be willing to place a wager that it is the aroma.

The smells of a coffee shop are immediately distinguishable and leave a lasting impression on your memory. In fact, in humans, the sense of smell is the sense most closely associated with memories. That means that by adjusting your home to take advantage of this powerful association, you can use your biology to trick you into thinking you are at your favorite coffee shop.

Make sure that when you buy new coffee beans, they are very aromatic. Ideally, it would be possible for you to use the same brand of coffee beans used at your favorite coffee shop. Many shops use proprietary blends to create their signature brews, so take advantage if your favorite shop sells fresh bags of its custom blends.

Freshly Ground Coffee

It only takes a couple of minutes, but grinding your own fresh coffee beans right before you make your morning cup helps to release the flavor much more than using pre-ground coffee beans. If you have been using pre-ground coffee beans, you should try to grind your coffee beans yourself. This helps to release much more of the flavor from within the beans and can help enhance the aromatic effects of the beans.

Music and Ambiance

The second thing that you notice upon walking into your favorite coffee shop is probably the music and sounds.

We recommend that you set up a little ambiance for yourself in the morning. Play your favorite radio station or stream a playlist that has tunes similar to those from inside of your favorite coffee place. That way, you can engage as many of your senses as possible for the greatest effect overall.

The Power of Cream Foam

Of course, the one thing that differentiates the coffee shop from the coffee that you make it at home is the quality.

You may not be aware of this, but besides the quality of the beans that are used, one of the other major reasons that the coffee at your favorite coffee place seems to be so much better is that they use high-quality cream. If you do not have any high-quality cream in your home, we recommend getting some and learning how to use it to create a foam topping for your coffee drinks. This will do more than almost anything else and creating the perfect coffee shop ambiance in your home that you would like.

Additional Sources of Inspiration

The previously mentioned ideas are only a starting point. If you are a creative person and would like to exercise a bit of that creativity, try going to many different coffee shops for inspiration. You might be surprised at what you pick up that would go perfectly in your home.

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