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Different Types Of Teas Pt 2: Sencha, Rooibos and Hibiscus


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Tea has been a popular drink across the world for centuries. Over time many different varieties have been used. Each different type of tea has it’s own unique flavor profile, and subtle benefits such as soothing or relaxing effects. Today we’ll be looking at several different types of tea: Green Tea, Sencha Tea, Rooibos Tea, and Hibiscus Tea.

Green Tea: Calming and Caffeinated

Green tea is made from the same plant as black tea, but the production process is different. Green tea is not wrung out or oxidized by being exposed to air as is done during the process to make black tea. Green tea tends to have less caffeine in it than black tea, and green tea has even higher levels of L-theanine than black tea. L-theanine is a proven anxiolytic, meaning it induces feelings of calm and works to address anxiety. For anyone who experiences jitters or anxiety from coffee, green tea is a great alternative. It can be mixed with spearmint or orange tea as well.

Sencha Tea: Traditional and Unique

Another type of green tea is sencha tea. This type of tea is especially popular in Japan. The process to make sencha tea varies from that for making traditional tea, as sencha tea is made from leave pulled off the plant while still very ripe. These ripe leaves are sometimes known as the newest leaves of the year. Sencha tea further differs from traditional tea because whole tea leaves are used to make the drink. After steeping, these leave are completely filtered out.

Rooibos Tea: Relaxing and Healthy

Rooibos tea is a popular type of herbal tea, made from a plant originating in Africa. This herbal tea does not contain any caffeine, but is used by many for insomnia, as it is said to have relaxing effects. Rooibos tea was originally exported to Europe from South Africa, first by the Dutch and later by the British. To this day, rooibos tea remains popular in England, where it is known as Redbush tea. The tea itself is a great natural source of vitamin C. Some dedicated aficionados maintain that rooibos tea has a variety of health benefits, including being an immune system booster, and being helpful for some skin conditions, and even for asthma.

Hibiscus Tea: Sweet and Tart

Hibiscus tea is a type of tea made from the crimson tea hibiscus plant. The tea itself is often a shade of red. This herbal tea is exceptionally high in vitamin C and other minerals. In addition, it is caffeine-free. Hibiscus tea contains both maltic and tartaric acid, which are found in grapes, and contribute to the tea’s sweeter taste. Hibiscus tea is commonly served alongside honey, sugar, and cranberries, which are additional ingredients used in the preparation of the hibiscus blend. This type of tea is also said to have a variety of benefits, such as being helpful to those with hypertension, and having a relaxing effect in general.

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