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How to Tell If Your Tea Has Expired or Gone Bad


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When it comes to brewing the perfect cup of tea, quality matters. And with good reason — studies have revealed that it can improve your brain function, lower your blood pressure and even lengthen your life expectancy! So, before you indulge in this popular beverage from around the world, make sure that you know how to spot if your tea has gone bad or expired. Here are some quick tips for you to check on your favorite tea blend before steeping.

1. You Detect a Strong, Unpleasant Odor Coming from Your Tea

If your tea doesn’t smell quite right, it might be a sign of mold or bacteria growth. If the aroma is robust and unpleasant, you’re better off discarding it. And if there’s no discernible odor after brewing the tea, then it could be that the tea has gone bad. Of course, an off-putting odor isn’t always due to mold – you’ll need to check its color too! But whatever the case may be, we recommend ditching any tea that smells strange to keep your cup of joy safe and delicious.

2. Your Tea Has Lost All Flavor and Aroma

Brewing a cup of tea is an art, but the first step to a perfect pot of tea is making sure that your ingredients haven’t expired. Don’t be disappointed if you take a whiff and there’s no aroma – it could very well mean that your tea leaves or bags have passed their prime. Appreciating the freshness and flavor of your teas will guarantee you a delicious brew every time!

3. Your Tea Appears Cloudy or Clumpy

When you’re sipping your tea, be sure to look closely at the sediment at the bottom of your cup. Ideally, there should be an even distribution of leaves and other ingredients throughout – unless mentioned otherwise. If you notice any cloudiness or a whitish hue in the bottom of your cup – this may indicate mold or bacteria growth on the leaves. On the other hand, if there are clumps of black or brown leaves present – this could mean that it has spoiled, so take caution! Lastly, don’t worry if your tea contains pieces of stems, dried flowers or seeds – this is totally normal and shouldn’t give off any false alarms. Enjoy!

4. The Tea Has Been Opened Before and Is More Than Three Years Old

We understand that it can be tempting to drink expired tea, but we strongly recommend against it. Expiration dates are printed on the packaging for a reason – they’re there to ensure you get the most out of your tea and that it is safe to consume. We want you to enjoy your tea without worrying about potential health issues, so please make sure you take notice of expiration dates when purchasing your favorite blends!

Key Takeaway

It’s important to know how to tell if your tea has gone bad in order to get the most out of it – and keep it tasting delicious for longer! Make sure you drink up before its expiry date and store your tea in a cool and dark spot.

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