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Cutting Back on Caffeine? Try Out These Coffee Shop Drink Options Offered by your coffee & Smoothie shop in San Frisco TX


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Many people go to coffee shops to get their dose of caffeine and kickstart their day. However, you might go just to immerse yourself in the productive atmosphere and get some work done. Or maybe you’re meeting a friend or coworker, but you don’t drink caffeine often or are especially sensitive to it. In these situations, you won’t want to order a drink high in caffeine even though you’re at a coffee shop where most things contain a pretty high dose. Don’t worry; there are plenty of delicious options you can order at most coffee shops that are low in caffeine. They might not be as easy to notice on the menu because all of the high-caffeine drinks are more marketed, but the baristas will happily prepare them for you all the same. Here are some low-caffeine drink options you can find at most coffee shops.

Peppermint Tea

Most coffee shops carry a wide variety of different teas, but peppermint tea has been a fan favorite of many people who don’t want to overdo the caffeine at a coffee shop. It has a refreshing minty flavor that is void of any fruit flavoring. So if you’re looking to keep your breath fresh and not fruity, this is for you. There are also many health benefits that come with drinking peppermint tea. The main one is that it helps the body break down fat easier in the digestive system. It also helps alleviate cold and flu symptoms by clearing out your lungs and helping the body cough up mucus that can make it tough to breathe. No matter how you put it, peppermint tea is a great caffeine-free alternative at a coffee shop.


Lemonade is a drink most coffee shops have readily available or can easily make. That’s because it’s a popular substitute for many people who don’t like drinking caffeine but still want to purchase something to drink. Ask baristas if they can make you lemonade, and they will more than likely oblige.

Bombay Fog

Also commonly known as London Fog, Bombay Fog is a drink that is low in caffeine and is essentially a tea latte. It’s great to drink with breakfast or lunch and has a similar taste to a regular latte. It’s made with almond tea bags, and almond milk is substituted in place of dairy milk which makes it healthier than most drinks available at a coffee shop.

Chai Latte

A Chai Latte is one of the most common alternatives to high-caffeine drinks ordered at a coffee shop. It’s easily made and similar to a cappuccino, except without all of the caffeine. It’s got an alluring flavor due to its combination of cinnamon, cardamom, ginger and nutmeg and is a very common choice for coffee shops to have on their menu because of its popularity. It’s not completely caffeine free but it’s very low in caffeine.

Bone Broth

When all else fails, Bone Broth is another great alternative to turn to. Not only is it caffeine free and can be found at many coffee shops, but it’s also healthy in the sense that it helps your stomach lining heal. That’s because of its elevated levels of collagen and glutamine that promote stomach healing.

Something for Everyone

With all these options commonly available, you don’t need to feel left out if you want to visit your favorite coffee shop but are trying to avoid the caffeine. You can enjoy the atmosphere you love without the jitters and anxiety that some people experience with caffeine. And even if you love your daily dose of caffeine and have no reason to cut back, these drink options can still be a great way to mix up your order and try something new!

Looking to get caffeine-free coffee options? Consider visiting your smoothie and coffee shop in Frisco TX
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