Roast of the Month

Our rotating selection of single origin, fair trade and organic coffees from Texas Coffee Traders

February: Honduras

world map highlighting Honduras

Molasses sweetness, a chocolatey and winey body, with bright acidity

March: Mexico

world map highlighting Mexico

Chocolate bar, green apple, caramel, and lime, nicely balanced and full-bodied with mild tangy acidity and the delicacy of herbal tea

April: Peru

world map highlighting Peru

Caramel, cocoa, & brown sugar with a sweet citrus acidity

May: Guatemala

world map highlighting Guatemala

Sweet and smooth, with light nuttiness and delicate hints of chocolate

June: Bali Kintamani

world map highlighting Indonesia

Chocolate and fruit, alongside delicate florals

July: Nicaragua

world map highlighting Nicaragua

Black cherry, honey crisp apple, caramel, & cocoa

August: Brazil Blonde

world map highlighting Brazil

Peanut-buttery delight with pleasantly bright acidity

September: Café Monteverde

world map highlighting Costa Rica

Brown sugar and refined caramel, with crisp, lemony acidity

October: Yrgacheffe

world map highlighting Ethiopia

Wine-like mouthfeel, unique spiciness, and notes of blackberry jam

November: Sumatra

world map highlighting Sumatra

Maple syrup, peat moss, and fudge, with an earthy body and a mild, pleasant acidity

December: Colombia

world map highlighting Colombia

Milk chocolate, peanut butter, a creamy body, and a long, sweet finish