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Specialty Tea: What It Is and Where to Start


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Tea is a beverage that people have enjoyed for thousands of years, and it has evolved significantly over time. Tea is classified into several different categories with different recipes developed over time. The most common classifications are black, green, oolong, and white. However, the advent of modern technology has allowed specialty tea creation. These teas have been manufactured using complex methods to distinguish them from ordinary teas.

What differentiates these specialty teas from more traditional varieties, and where should someone start if they’re interested in exploring this beverage frontier? This article aims to be your gateway into the exciting world of specialty teas.

What Is Specialty Tea?

Specialty tea is a loose term that encompasses black, green, white, and herbal infusions. It is mainly used to classify and differentiate among the many types of tea on the market to eliminate confusion. Broadly speaking, specialty tea should be certified organic or natural when possible and made from fresh leaves.

Where to Start?

Choosing an excellent loose-leaf tea made from high-grade leaves can be difficult. However, specialty tea can be inexpensive and very enjoyable when selecting the correct product. When buying tea, the first thing to keep in mind is looking for organic or natural ingredients. It is also beneficial to purchase loose-leaf tea rather than teabags manufactured by large corporations.

Another thing to keep in mind is the origin of the tea. If the leaves used to make the tea are from far away, take a look at how they were handled before they were sent to be made into teas. If they have been handled with care and the freshness guaranteed, go for it!  However, if not, choose another type of tea.

The following are some of the specialty teas that can be purchased.

Black Tea:
Most black teas are made from a blend of leaves that have been processed to allow for higher oxidation levels. This is done primarily to bring out the strong flavor and aroma of the tea leaves. However, some black teas are made from young leaves that have been heavily oxidized to bring out their authentic flavor. Generally, most black teas have been roasted after being oxidized, which adds to their distinct taste.

Green Tea:
Roasted green teas are made by first steeping the leaves in water. The water is then boiled to release the tea oils while keeping the leaves intact. This allows for a smoother tea with a creamy taste, which sets it apart from other green teas. Green teas are also known to be more effective than regular green tea when it comes to fighting cancer, arthritis, and various other diseases.

White Tea:
Made from buds, white tea is one of the least processed teas on the market. Although this type of tea has a lower level of caffeine than other varieties, it often has a more robust flavor and better aroma. Because of its lack of processing, white tea leaves are very delicate and must be appropriately stored to retain their quality.

Oolong Tea:
Being partially oxidized, oolong tea has a more complex flavor and aroma. It is also more effective in reducing cholesterol and heart disease due to the antioxidants found in its leaves. Other health benefits of oolong tea include lowering blood pressure, enhancing the immune system, protecting against cancer and diabetes, reducing mental fatigue, and improving brain function.

Key Takeaways

Spending money on specialty teas is something that many people prefer to do. These are usually delightful and tasty drinks that can add flavor to a meal or an occasion. Of course, the type of tea used in a particular product can also directly affect the quality of its health benefits. So, be sure to research and make an informed decision before spending any money on specialty tea products.

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