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Which Material Makes for the Best Coffee Cup?


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Coffee cups are a hot commodity for many businesses and customers. Coffee drinks are the number one beverage in most places nowadays, whether over ice or hot. The material in which a cup of coffee is served in can really make a difference on the overall experience that you have while drinking it. In this article we discuss the differences in various coffee mug materials so you can choose a favorite mug!

1. Consider Ceramic Material

Ceramic mugs are a classic material when it comes to coffee cups. People have been drinking out of ceramic mugs for centuries. The great part about ceramic mugs is that they are really comfortable to hold in the hand and they transfer the heat from the beverage into your hands, warming them up. Cold coffee drinks are usually not served in ceramic for this reason. If you are looking for a classic material to drink your coffee from, Ceramic should be your go to. Plus, ceramic mugs come in various shapes, sizes, colors, designs, and are among the most versatile of mugs to drink from!

2. Stoneware Material

Stoneware cups are made with a mix of clay and other materials like ground-up rocks. The final product will be quite heavy, but it can retain hot temperatures for much longer than ceramic cups. However, they’re not easy to break down, so they’re not suitable for recycling. Since ceramic’s and stoneware especially is a very porous material, even after they have been fired in the kiln they can absorb liquids if they go unfinished or unglazed. Stoneware cups should have a food safe glaze applied to them to make them shiny and sealed from absorbing any liquids. The color can be chosen according to the buyer’s preferences, although brown and cream colors are the most common.

3. Stainless Steel Material

It’s possible to create stainless steel cups that look much like ceramic and stoneware. However, they are a lot lighter since they’re usually made of aluminum and silicate. Some people want stainless steel cups with a mirror finish, while others want them to be matt.

The main challenge when making a stainless steel cup is designing it to prevent it from changing temperature too quickly. This can be accomplished using a high-quality plastic liner inside the steel cup. It’s also essential to know the potential hazards of using this material, as stainless steel does not react well with acidic drinks. If you are looking for a cup that is a great insulator, opt for a stainless steel cup that is labeled as insulating, as the inside of the cup will likely be finished with some kind of coating that makes it safe to drink from and will keep your beverages hotter for longer.

4. Glass Material

Glass cups can be made of various materials, ranging from typical glass tables to the more expensive ones like Baccarat crystal. The most important thing is to ensure that the cup’s shape and design are under the other components of its business. Glass cups may also have a certain amount of weight due to their nature, which makes them feel more solid than plastic.

5. Plastic Material

Plastic cups are cheap to produce and easy to break down. They make for a good choice if you are in a pinch and need a cheap mug to hold you over till you can get a nicer one. Since plastic is not suited for hot materials, its a good idea to not purchase a plastic mug or cup for your coffee unless you only plan to be drinking cold drinks such as iced coffee. One cool idea is to look into a plastic cup that is made out of recycled materials so you can do the earth some good when you make your purchase.

6. Assorted Cups Material

All kinds of cups are made from different materials, including recycled cups and those made from soy. There was a cup design called the Klean Kanteen that was meant to be leak-proof and dishwasher-safe. However, they come with a price tag almost 50 percent higher than the traditional cup design. Insulated cups are also designed for people who want to drink their hot beverages on the go, and are many times made from assorted materials. Coffee mugs and cups made from assorted materials some times are the best choice because the materials used in each portion of the cup will be well suited to their purpose and the overall cup will likely be more functional. For example, a tumbler that has a stainless steel insulating inside with a plastic outside that has a cool design on it, and a plastic lid that seals the top of the cup. Cups like this are great for people on the go.


The most important thing to remember when using a coffee cup is to have it made from suitable materials. Although cheaply made cups may seem like a great go-to, it is usually better to invest in a nice coffee cup that will last you for a long time, no matter what material is your preference. It’s also important to consider the temperature of the beverage served, do you like cold beverages or hot beverages more? This will also influence your overall choice. We hope this article has given you some insight into different materials for coffee cups that would be great choices for your next coffee cup, tumbler, or mug!

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