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There is just something about food that really helps create community bonding, and there isn’t anything better than hosting an event and providing a great meal that can be enjoyed together! If you are tasked with coordinating such an event, whether for personal pleasure or for a business event, finding the right company to cater can feel daunting. It can be easy to narrow your initial search to a company that solely focuses on full scale catering, but have you considered starting with the food you like and then going from there? Broadening your search for catering to your favorite local restaurants might be the best option for you. Here are a few benefits of hiring a local restaurant to cater your events!

You Know You Will Like the Food

One of the biggest benefits to choosing a local restaurant is that you are more likely to be familiar with the quality of what they serve. It can be nerve racking to serve food at a business or department meeting that you have never tried, but this will likely be the reality when choosing a full scale catering service. Most of these businesses are not brick and mortar, so you don’t have the option to easily drop by to sample their food. And while you can probably schedule a tasting, you might not have the luxury of time to do that. On the flip side, your local restaurants and coffee shops are serving their menu during more consistent business hours, giving you the chance to easily sample your options when it is convenient for you. 


Your local restaurants and shops have a keen focus on the quality of food because that is how they stay open. As opposed to serving food when hired for an event like a catering company, restaurants are cooking and serving food throughout the day on most (if not every) day. This allows for constant improvement as customers and the staff are able to give feedback daily, reaching for better and better results. 

More Options

While catering companies can add a certain level of pizzazz to an event as they typically have a focus on presentation and service, this isn’t always necessary if you aren’t hosting a high end corporate event or wedding. Full scale catering companies definitely have their place in the event world, but hiring a restaurant typically gives you more options and more flexibility. For starters, many catering companies are limited to the venues that they will cater to, and, depending on the season, they can be booked out months in advance. If you need an event catered (big or small, a restaurant can work with you with less notice sometimes as little as a few days), and they are more likely to work with you on your terms when it comes to location. You can even have your order picked up as opposed to delivered to your location if that is what works best for you! 

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