Benefits of Having Your Next Office Meeting at a Coffee Shop

Benefits of Having Your Next Office Meeting at a San Marcos Coffee Shop


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Your organization’s die-hard coffee lovers may believe having better coffee, more java choices, and tastier snacks than the office is enough reason to have your next meeting at a coffee shop. Before you write off the coffee aficionados and book the conference room, here are four business benefits of having your next office meeting at a coffee shop.

Participants Are at Ease

The informal nature of coffee shops puts meeting participants at ease, which is beneficial for both client and colleague meetings. Meeting a client at a coffee shop places both you and the client on neutral territory. These meetings avoid the anxiety that comes with being on someone else’s turf. When colleagues meet in an informal setting like a coffee shop, they tend to speak more freely, which often helps the group make decisions. 

Build Relationships

Since your coffee shop meeting is essentially a conversation over a cup of joe, both clients and colleagues appreciate the attempt at relationship building. Building good relationships with clients helps establish the rapport you need to get the client to refer others to you for additional business. You need to be strategic when you choose which coffee shop to meet at. If you choose the shop closest to your client’s office, it’s likely you will get introduced to your client’s colleagues who happen to be getting their coffee. 

Your Focus is Better

It’s easier to get to your main objective at a San Marcos coffee shop than in a conference room. No one expects an elaborate audio-visual presentation in a coffee shop. Since you’re meeting over a cup of coffee, the scenario calls for a short agenda that gets right to the point. In addition, meeting participants find being away from the office keeps them focused on the meeting because they’re not distracted by things that need to be done in the office. 

Science Says You’ll Be More Creative

Most of us don’t need an expert to tell us that sterile office environments kill creativity. But did you know there’s a scientific reason why you’re more creative at Frisco coffee shops? A study published by The Journal of Consumer Research in 2012 found that people are more creative at coffee shops than in offices. However, it’s not the coffee or change in scenery that fuels creativity. The researchers found that the ambient noise in coffee shops is just the right level (about 70 decibels) to promote abstract thinking that leads to greater creativity. The low noise level in offices (around 50 decibels) does not produce the creative effect. Whether you’re meeting with your team or with clients, being more creative means being more productive. 

Although you now know some business benefits of having your next meeting at coffee shops in San Marcos Tx, it’s okay to convene your meeting there just for the coffee.

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