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What Makes A Panini So Good?


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Busy people spend much of their time before, during, or after work at their favorite coffee shop. They like to mingle with friends, talk about current national or local news and events, and have that special cup of coffee that cannot be found at any other shop. Many coffee shop aficionados like to have their coffee accented by a breakfast or a lunch item. Their preferences are as different as the various cups of coffee. Some people order their coffee black while others want it a sweet and tasty as possible. Coffee flavors have become so varied that people often try many flavors until they find a favorite.

What is a Panini?

One of the most trendy items to have at the coffee shop with your favorite cup is a panini. Though it may be a new item for some, it is quickly becoming a favorite. So, what is a panini? The answer is simple: paninis are a type of stuffed, grilled sandwich. The name comes from the Italian word “Panino,” which means sandwich. Because they are grilled, paninis have a pleasant texture that many people enjoy. They can also be made using a variety of stuffings, from shredded or sliced meat to veggies only for certain diets.

How are Paninis Made?

In the United States, a panini is usually made using a panini press or grill. It is almost like the American grilled cheese, but has much more inside. A panini press is used to mash the bread flat so that it stays thin when serving. Any type of meat or vegetable can be used in a panini. They are usually made with Italian bread or sourdough, but you can use any bread that you prefer. Making a panini is easy if you follow a recipe like the one below:

  • Using a roll of bread, slice the bread leaving the edges turned in.
  • Spread olive oil on the slices, but not too much or your bread will be soggy.
  • Add a slice of cheese to each slice of bread. You can also used grated cheese if you prefer.
  • Now, add your filling. You can be as creative as you desire. Add sliced or shredded meat, or you can use only vegetables if you prefer.
  • You can add extra flavor by using onions or cilantro. Close the sandwich and put butter on it.
  • Put the panini into the panini press or grill and cook according to the directions on the cooker.

Once done you have a panini filled with your favorite stuffing! If you’re not sure what things you like in a panini, expand your taste by trying all the varieties at your local coffee shops in San Marcos Tx. As mentioned previously, paninis go well with many different flavors of coffee, and make a great option for a quick breakfast or lunch break. There is no better way to enjoy stuffed bread than a well-made panini filled with your favorites!

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