6 Steps to Making Pour Over Coffee

6 Steps to Making Pour Over Coffee


Today, many of us are into the idea of brewing our coffee at home. Many of us would rather have cafe style coffee. The newest trend is to brew our coffee like they do in the coffee shop. This is to say, we do not want to brew our coffee with a machine. We want to use the method used in many coffee shops. How do you brew a cup of coffee without a machine?

Steps to Making a Pour Over Cup of Coffee:

  • Boil
  • Grind
  • Place filter
  • Add
  • Pour
  • Repeat


The first step in the process of making pour-over coffee is to boil the water. Much like we would boil water for a cup of hot tea, we want to put a pot of water on the stove. Bring the kettle of water to a boil.


The coffee shop does not have ground coffee. They put a cup’s worth of beans in their grinder for each order. So, to mimic the coffee shop, we will want to purchase a coffee grinder. Along with purchasing a coffee grinder, we will want to purchase whole bean coffee. Place a cup’s worth of beans into the grinder. A cup’s worth of beans will be about 3 tablespoons worth of beans. Place the beans in the grinder and turn it on.

Place Filter

We will want to select the filter to use. There are some reusable filters, and there are some paper filters. Regardless of the filter we choose to use, we will want to rinse it before using it. We want to rinse the filter in warm to hot water. This process will take the paper or metal flavor off the filter and keep our coffee from tasting like such.


This is the step you have been waiting for. This is the step where you add those 3 tablespoons of coffee you ground up to the filter you selected. You will want to make sure they are level. By this, we mean you will want to make sure the grounded coffee beans do not have any mounds in some spots while in others they are almost non-existent. Take a small spoon and level out the grounded coffee in the filter.


You will want to pour the boiled water over the grounds. In doing so, you will want to pour in sections. First, you will want to start in the center of the filter and pour in a circular motion. When you have completely saturated the grounds with water you will want to lift the water kettle momentarily. When you begin pouring the water again start from the outside of the filter. Again, move in a circular motion and work your way to the center of the filter. You should have enough water to go back from the center of the filter and from the outside one more time.


For each cup of coffee you desire, you will need to repeat these steps. You will want to have a new filter for each cup of coffee. That is it; enjoy.

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