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The Emerging Popularity of Coffee Catering


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Coffee is a daily part of most people’s lives. It’s familiarity instantly provides a welcoming, warm, and comforting atmosphere. The versatility of coffee and the fact that it can be used in hundreds of different combinations makes it a sure crowd pleaser, as it provides a little something for everyone. This may in part explain the emerging popularity of coffee shop catering for events. Do you think that your event could benefit from a coffee shop catered cart? Here are a few suggested events where coffee catering could enhance your guests’ or customers’ experience.

Parties for Teens

In many cultures, teens have coming of age parties, including quinceañeras, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, and sweet 16 celebrations. While the adults often have a cocktail bar at such events, the teens are delegated to dull soft drinks. A coffee catered cart can add a grown up touch for this special coming of age event that all the young guests can enjoy too. Furthermore, it is a nice option for adult guests who may not want to drink alcoholic beverages. You may also want to consider coffee catering for school dances, like prom or homecoming.

College Events

A coffee cart is sure to be a crowd pleaser among the college age group.

College students and coffee just go together, probably because students need caffeine to keep up with such a busy schedule. A coffee catered cart would be great for small intimate events like weekly club meetings or for larger college events like a popular lecture series. A coffee cart is sure to be a crowd pleaser among this age group. It will encourage people to stick around for your club meeting or lecture longer. Since many college students are too young to drink alcohol, this is a responsible and legal alternative for fraternity and sorority sponsored events.

Religious Conferences

Religious associations often hold weekend conferences, which make a great place to have coffee catering. These conferences are often about deepening one’s faith. This means the attendees will want to focus on the speaker’s words, making coffee an ideal beverage for this type of event. Another reason why a coffee cart offers an advantage for this type of event is that many religious sects encourage limited alcoholic intake, or outright prohibit it.

Barista or Bartender?

There are some clear advantages in hiring a coffee caterer over a bartender for your event. For example, unlike if you hire a bartender ,you don’t have to worry about whether your location has a valid liquor license. This makes it much simpler to book an event, especially on short notice. Another advantage is that it costs much less than hosting an open bar. You also don’t have to worry about legal implications if somehow someone underage was served a beverage.

Coffee catering brings a fun and comforting highlight to your event that can be inclusive to all of your guests or attendees. This new trend in event catering will provide something for everyone. Plus, it will taste so great that no one will miss the cocktail bar. Consider coffee catering when you are planning your next event.

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