Types of cold brew vs hot brew

Differences Between Hot Brewed and Cold Brewed Coffee


If you are a coffee lover, of which everyone is, you know that cold brew coffee was a sensation when it joined the market in 2016. However, to date, most of the coffee enthusiasts do not know the difference between the traditional hot brew and the new cold brew coffee. If you’re still struggling to find the difference between the two coffee brews, here are a few differences that will help you to choose once you visit your next-door coffee shop.

Brewing Process

The brewing process is significantly different, which brings about varying flavor. For hot coffee, all you need to do is adding the grounds to your coffee machine and allow them to mix with hot water. It can take less than ten minutes, which makes it perfect for early morning drinks. However, cold brew coffee can take more than twelve hours and is undoubtedly worth the wait. This type of coffee brew takes a longer period to brew, which means that you have to prepare it in advance.

Brew Flavor

Flavors make the most significant difference between the two brews of coffee. Traditionally, hot coffee features one of the strongest and richest aromas, which makes it the best morning drink. However, the flavor disappears quickly. You can only maintain it by adding more coffee. However, cold brewed coffee replaces the rich aromas with a mild sweetness that lasts to the bottom of the cup. There’s also very little bitterness, which has made this type of brew a sensation for most of the people.

Acidity and Bite

If you have been suffering from heartburns, there is no doubt you have been avoiding hot coffee due to the higher acidity levels. Most of the people with digestive issues have been advised against hot brew coffee as the higher acidity will make their situations worse. However, cold brew coffee is associated with a smoother texture, which has less bite. Bitter tannins in coffee beans are not released due to cold temperatures. It is essential to note that bitter tannins are the reasons for hot coffee bitterness.


Coffee versatility is an essential aspect that people have to consider. Individuals want to have more options and add-ins to try. There is no doubt that hot brew coffee is versatile. However, trends have consistently indicated that cold brew coffee has more options than hot coffee. You can create iced latte without worrying that you will water down your flavor. The assortment of syrups, flavored beverages, ice cubes, and flavored sweeteners are some of the products that can be used to make coffee versatile.

Brewing Equipment

This may not constitute a real difference, but it is essential to understand that the method of preparing both coffee brews significantly differs. Hot brew coffee will demand heat and other electronic components such as coffee grinder and an electric coffee maker. However, for cold brewed coffee, you only need a storage vessel, cold water, and time.

Although there have been arguments about health benefits and caffeine levels, there is no tangible research that has shown any of the brews to have much caffeine or health benefits over the other. Therefore, you can choose what makes you happy without having reservations about the benefits and the amount of caffeine you are taking.