Different Types of Coffee Shops

Different Types of San Marcos Coffee Shops


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What draws you to a San Marcos coffee shop? Is it the flavor of their house blend that hits notes you can’t find anywhere else? Maybe it’s the relaxing atmosphere that makes you feel like you’re in the comfort of your own home. Or, perhaps you just need your shot of espresso in the quickest way possible. There are many different types of coffee shops in San Marcos that cater to every different coffee aficionado’s needs.

Home Shops

Some people might have only heard the word coffee house used over coffee shop. Some of these types of coffee shops are literally set up in houses. There is a comfortable, homey atmosphere in these shops. The walls are bright, the lighting is inviting, the regulars seem like family, and everyone is always welcomed. There are usually lots of comfortable places to sit with a book you might have found on one of the bookshelves scattered around the shop. Original coming to age poems could be heard in the background during open mic nights.

Corporate Shops

Another type of coffee shop is the corporate store. These coffee shops have a colorful and more polished atmosphere than a coffee house. There are a variety of people that go to these stores and they’re great for people watching, have reliable WiFi, and there is little variation in drinks if you order the same thing every time. Some of these types of corporate stores have turned into the grab and go coffee shops. These are catered to those who aren’t planning on staying long and typically have a drive-through.

Cafe Shops

Another type of coffee shop that is increasing in popularity is the restaurant, or ‘cafe’. The thing that makes these coffee shops different than a restaurant that just happens to serve a variation of coffee is the atmosphere. The baristas or wait staff are not overly pushy about buying food and you can comfortably bring out your laptop and work from that location all day without it being a problem. The food menu is usually unique to the location (and usually really tasty).

Hipster Shops

Another type of coffee shop is the hipster hangout. These shops are very minimalist and organic looking. Think shiny wood benches with steampunk lighting and random chalkboards filled with elaborate fonts. These types of shops will serve anything from a coffee they roasted fresh in their store to an in-house brewed kombucha. For the most part, the atmosphere is usually inviting and there will always be someone there to discuss an interesting topic such as natural curling agents for mustaches.

Other Shops

Coffee lovers aren’t limited to finding their favorite blends in Frisco coffee shops. In addition to traditional coffee shops, coffee lovers can find their favorites in other places as well. These might include retail shops that sell beans and coffee accessories, coffee carts that roast fresh coffee beans on site, or coffee bars that offer brewed coffee and baked goods with limited seating.

No matter what your favorite cup of coffee is, you’ll find plenty of options by exploring your local coffee shops. For a unique atmosphere and a variety of flavors, visit Mochas & Javas, a coffee shop in Frisco, TX, with tastes for every coffee lover.

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