Fruit Smoothie Lineup

Types Of Smoothies And What Health Benefits Can You Expect
A quick guide from a San Marcos Coffee Shop


Smoothies that provide oils and vitamins that are necessary for good nutrition carry a lot of health benefits. While in the past a smoothie was considered to be a simple sugary drink that resembles a desert, they turned into a simple way for people to get the extra nutrition they need. They can take the role of a good breakfast or a snack that people can have at any point during the day, and besides having a great taste it’s a simple way to refuel after working out. There is a large variety of combinations and recipes available when it comes to healthy smoothies, each of them having different health benefits.


Each smoothie carries different benefits. Generally, they are a good way to maintain hydration, which can be especially helpful during the warm season, as it’s a good way to replenish the loss of water. They also have an impact on the immune system, specifically the ones that are made of ingredients that feature nutrients such as beta-carotene. Moreover, having a smoothie made of fruits and vegetables that are rich in folic acid can help keep depression in check. They are also considered to be a better alternative for breakfast than juices when it comes to the health benefits.

Green Smoothies

There are plenty of options when it comes to ‘veggie’ smoothies, from a simple kale shake to a cleansing smoothie designed for detoxing. In addition, having a green smoothie can be an easy way to add more vegetables to your diet – which can be done in stages, by simply starting to add vegetables to the mix when you’re making a fruit smoothie. A spinach smoothie can be a good way to get your vitamin A fix, while adding hemp seeds can be a good way to turn the smoothie in a good source of omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids, which are helpful when it comes to promoting cardiovascular health – an alternative for hemp seeds are flaxseeds.

Fruit Smoothies

If you can think of a fruit then there’s a smoothie recipe for it already. It all comes down to preference and what health benefits you’re looking to get out of your drink. Raw blueberries, for example, add vitamin K and C to your daily intake, as well as manganese, and they help when it comes to support digestion. On the other hand, having a smoothie with mango in it can turn it into a good source of vitamin A and C, and mangoes are also rich in fiber.

Chocolate Smoothies

If you have a bit of a sweet tooth, then you can simply mix things with chocolate and enjoy a sweet smoothie while at the same time keeping the blood sugar in check and taking advantage of the health benefits that the drinks have to offer. The smoothie can have bananas (which are rich in potassium), avocado (rich in magnesium, glutathione, as well as potassium), baby spinach, and everything covered in the great taste of chocolate. There are tons of simple recipes where chocolate can be added to the mix, and it can be a good way to try new recipes when you’re not sure about the taste of a certain vegetable.

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