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Adding spice to your coffee makes it taste better and smell better. The flavor of the spice or a combination of spices also makes bitter coffee better. Spices are also a healthy addition to coffee. Spices have been used to treat health conditions by many ancient civilizations and adding them to coffee is good for you.


Adding cinnamon to your morning coffee increases its flavor. Cinnamon does more than flavoring your coffee. The spice is known to give an energy boost that gets you up and running after your coffee. Cinnamon has powerful anti-oxidant properties and added to caffeine in your coffee not only helps to kick-start your brain but improve the cognitive processing capabilities of your brain.


You can sprinkle nutmeg powder or grate nutmeg on top of your morning coffee for a mild flavorful morning pick me up. A little nutmeg added to your coffee is a health benefit. Nutmeg is used to treat many health conditions. It’s anti-inflammatory properties help to relieve pain. Nutmeg has been used to treat digestive disorders from time immemorial. It is rich in minerals and is used in herbal medicine to treat blood pressure and disorders of the circulatory system. Nutmeg is a nerve stimulant and is used to treat anxiety and depression.


Your morning coffee will get an eastern flavor if you add cardamom. You can crush or grind cardamom pods and add it while you simmer your coffee. Cardamom has a high percentage of anti-oxidants and has been used to treat blood pressure. These anti-oxidants also help the body fight cancer. The anti-inflammatory properties of cardamom help protect the body from chronic conditions like high blood pressure and diabetes.


Put a few cloves into your coffee grounds and brew coffee for a brew that smells divine and tastes incredible. Cloves add to the flavor, the aroma and the health of your cup of coffee. Cloves have anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. They help fight cancer and help relieve symptoms of chronic conditions like arthritis. Cloves help to treat digestive and respiratory disorders. Clove is also used to reduce high temperature and to improve blood circulation. Eugenol in cloves are pain killers often used to relieve toothache.

Star Anise

If you love licorice, adding star anise will add your favorite flavor to your coffee. You can add roasted or raw star anise to your grounds while brewing coffee and let it release a pleasing aroma into the air and a distinctive flavor to the coffee. Star anise is also good for your health. Star anise is rich in anti-oxidants and helps fight cancer. Star anise is used to treat digestive disorders and relieves constipation and bloating. The anethole compound in star anise has anti-fungal properties. It is rich in calcium and iron and improves the health of the skeletal and circulatory system.

Spices increase the flavor of your coffee and spice up your health with the many proven health giving properties they contain. So why don’t you enjoy your next cup of coffee with a little spice.

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