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How Caffeine Affects Serotonin
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Did you know that nine in every ten Americans consume caffeine every day? The primary goal of consuming caffeine is to energize the body and brain. Coffee is the only natural form of caffeine that is associated with serotonin. According to pundits, Serotonin — a chemical associated with happy feelings — is one of the reasons why people love coffee. This piece explores coffee as the primary source for the ‘happy chemical’ and more importantly, how coffee reacts with your body — specifically your brain.

What makes coffee special?

Coffee has one of the best combinations of healthy ingredients to the human body. Some of these ingredients include the following.

Did you know that coffee was one of the key ingredients in ancient societies in preventing different complications such as cancer and liver diseases?  Cafestol and kahweol — natural oils found in coffee — are the reason why coffee was such an important part of the ancient societies.

Second, it is only in coffee where there are high concentrations of Chlorogenic acids. The natural acids are ideal in sugar metabolism especially in ensuring that sugar is processed before becoming fat. However, the most common ingredient in coffee is caffeine. Studies have associated caffeine to better functioning central nervous system. People around the world take coffee as one of the safest ways to induce caffeine.

Why Coffee is an ideal source for boosting serotonin?

Since serotonin is a chemical compound, with similar compounds in the human body, taking the natural extracts is advisable. Countless studies have indicated that the ingredients found in coffee are the best in boosting the ‘happy chemical.’ Unlike the other industrial replicas of boosting serotonin, ingredients found in coffee are natural to dissolve in the human body and therefore increasing serotonin levels.

Also, using these ingredients are also some of the smartest ways to avoid side effects caused by industrial forms of the ‘happy chemical boosters.’ A mug of coffee a day is enough to give your body the most important boost for the day. The ‘one mug’ suggestion does not mean that taking more mugs is wrong. Pundits point out that ‘you can never have enough
mugs of coffee.’

Advantages of coffee as a booster for your serotonin levels

Coffee is arguably one of the best choices for maintaining energy levels while working. In an ideal work environment, a mug of coffee, at regular intervals, is essential in maintaining energy levels. Various studies have linked high productivity to coffee consumption.  

Away from work, studies have linked coffee consumption with reduced levels of anxiety and depression. Coffee — one of the best and the most affordable boosters of serotonin — is an ideal remedy to cure and reduce chances of nervousness and unhappiness. Although a mug of coffee should not substitute medical attention, many therapists recommend coffee consumption as a cheaper and an ideal remedy to the above medical conditions.

Did you know that one of the major causes of low libido is the low level of the ‘happy chemical?’ According to different studies, one of the ways to improve libido is by boosting the serotonin levels. Although there are tons of industrial solutions, consuming coffee is one of the cheapest and the most effective ways to improve libido.

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