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Finding the Right Gifts for Coffee Lovers This Christmas


Get Your Coffee ASAP

The year of 2021 has given us lots of opportunities to grab a cup of coffee and conquer the day. If you like to give back to those in your life that love coffee as much as you do, here are some excellent gift ideas. 

Personalized Gifts

 Having your name on something just makes it that much cooler. This is especially true if your name is hard to spell or find on anything! Consider giving a personalized coffee scoop, mug, spill-proof stainless steel travel mug, or coasters. Personalized gifts tell others that you went the extra mile to make something just for them.

Ready to Go Gifts

 Short on time, but want to give a gift that shows you care about their coffee passion? You could buy a cold brew coffee maker, paired with a stainless steel mug with a reusable metal straw. Consider buying a food scale to weigh out that perfect amount of coffee, a milk frother for easy lattes, a coffee grinder paired with a bag of whole coffee beans, or a coffee-scented candle. Camping coffee brewers or a stovetop espresso maker are great options when the electric coffee maker just won’t make the perfect cup of coffee. Coffee-themed merchandise which includes decor, shirts, socks, and wall prints can spread the love of coffee inside and outside of the home. Limited or seasonal blends of coffee give java lovers a chance to try something new. Coffee body scrub and dark chocolate-covered espresso beans give people an opportunity to enjoy coffee in other ways. Choosing a ready-to-go gift allows you time to buy something for your friend, coworker, or family member, while still grabbing a cup of coffee for yourself!

Look at that Cute Mug!

 There are so many ways to transport your coffee these days! Temperature-controlled coffee mugs, stainless steel mugs, thermoses, personalized mugs, mugs with coffee memes, and supersized 64-ounce mugs give the buyer lots of options in choosing the right coffee carrier. Mugs can even be great gifts for non coffee drinkers too! 

Coffee Organizers and Tools

 Coffee and its accessories must be within reach at all times. Coffee filters (paper or reusable), coffee scoops, coffee pod holders, basket organizers, or a sliding tray for the coffee maker could all be of great benefit. These give great peace of mind to know that coffee supplies are all easily accessible and within reach on a day to day basis.

You Know They Love Coffee, But Still Are Not Sure What to Get

 Some people have a brand of coffee that they are loyal to and would never drink another. For this coffee consumer, you could buy them a coffee subscription to their favorite place. This way you know that they will absolutely love the coffee! If subscriptions are not available, gift cards will do great as well. Or, if your coffee lover is more adventurous, consider giving them a variety of pre-packaged drinks and flavors to have with, or instead of, their usual coffee. This could include flavored syrups to mix in, Spiced Chai, cocoa mix, an assortment of teas, vegan coffees, almond milk, Stevia sweetener, ethically sourced coffee, or even decaf.


If you’re still unsure what coffee gift might be best, try putting together a basket with a variety of the gifts mentioned here. Wrap it up with some cellophane and ribbon and present it with flair. Don’t forget that your companionship at a coffee shop can be a gift too. There’s nothing quite like sitting at a table with a friend, talking and sharing about your lives, over a warm soothing cup of coffee.

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