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How Coffee & Socialization Have Been Linked Throughout History


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Coffee is one of the most widely consumed beverages around the world and has been for centuries. There are coffee houses in every town throughout the nation and many people enjoy it regularly. From the home to work to coffee shops and more, people are always looking for their next cup. Have you ever wondered how far back the appreciation of coffee goes? And more specifically, the concept of socializing over a cup of coffee, which has become a mainstay for many in our modern society?

Popularity of Coffee

Coffee was first cultivated during the 15th century and grew in popularity during the 17th century when it spread to Europe and the Middle East. During this time, coffee was typically served in only coffee houses and through pharmacies as a medicinal remedy. It was not readily available in the home until later.

Coffee Houses

In the past, coffee houses were the most common place to enjoy a cup of coffee. While people enjoyed the coffee that was served, many people also went for the community feel that was evident in these houses. Coffee houses became a place where people could all come together to enjoy something new and exciting. There was often live music, performers, games, news coverage and more.

Coffee houses were often referred to as “Schools of the Wise” because many of the wisest people went to these houses to exchange information. They became a place were people could work together, share ideas, and engage in thought provoking conversations with one another.

Evolution of Community

Coffee houses soon became one of the main sources of unplanned interactions for people to come together. Similar to today, people can walk into a coffee house and enjoy a cup of coffee, while meeting new and interesting people. They became a place where people could learn, debate, converse and network with one another about any diverse topic, like culture, politics, and more. Many coffee houses started to post notice boards to help create a community feel. People from all over could post notices and updates to the board to help get in contact with one another and inform others about what was going on in their own community. Coffee houses truly became a place where people in the community could thrive.

Coffee in the Work place

Today, coffee houses still exist and many workplaces offer areas to get coffee. For many people, coffee is used as a way to take a break from work and bond with their coworkers. Studies have found that coffee is a great way for coworkers to talk about the workplace and cope with what is going on at work. Having coffee houses or coffee pots available in the workplace can help strengthen the friendships within the workplace. They can also give people an increased opportunity to share their ideas with one another and grow professionally through conversations and advice sharing.

Coffee is a widely consumed beverage all over the world. Many people may enjoy a cup of coffee for the caffeine, however, many people drink coffee simply to get some form of social interaction during the day. A cup of coffee is a great way to connect and network with others in your community and in your place of work. Grabbing a cup of coffee means a lot more than just getting a drink, it often means forming a new friendship.

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