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What to Look for When Choosing a Coffee Shop to Work From Coffee Shop in San Marcos & Frisco TX


Get Your Coffee ASAP

In today’s world, coffee shops aren’t solely to order your caffeine fix, wait until it’s ready at the counter, then take off to face the rest of the day and all it entails. Coffee houses have become a revolutionary work zone for all ages and occupations. Specifically, if you’re a remote worker and need a place away from the home space, a different environment that lends itself to productivity, and a potential meeting table for collaborative efforts, look no further than a coffee shop.

What’s the Allure of a Coffee Shop?

First off, the aroma that emanates from every corner of the establishment is an instant attraction. Whether you’re a coffee drinker or not, there’s nothing that speaks of comfort and motivation quite like smelling a freshly brewed pot of coffee any time of the day. The coffee shop has the distinction of being an incredible meeting place on many different levels, and this invigorating aroma plays a large part in creating this one-of-a-kind environment.

If your job is okay with letting you work offsite for a few days per week—and if your home surroundings are too chaotic or way too comfortable (think T.V. distractions, pet obligations, kids screaming and running around the house)—then it’s time to pack up your work gear and head to the coffee shop. Once you open the door and sense the feel of the place, it instantly means that your motivation goes up a notch. Standing in line to order your beverage and maybe a snack, computer bag hanging from your shoulder, iPhone intact for that random work call that always comes in, and seeing familiar faces who are doing the exact same thing—this is what makes the allure of the coffee shop so worth it.

The Essentials of Coffee Shop Productivity

Now that you’ve made it a routine to travel over to the coffee shop to set up your workspace and be productive, what added amenities do you require that will keep your head focused on the job with multiple people and activities going on around you?

Following are the essentials of coffee shop productivity. If you’re looking for the perfect coffee shop for your remote work, look out for these qualities:

  • Inspiring music to create a motivating ambiance rather than a distracting scenario
  • Windows to bring in natural light
  • A temperate climate that’s comfortable
  • Chairs that cater to work and not slouching
  • A separate counter/bar area with barstools set up specifically for the laptop experience
  • Proper plugins and electrical outlets strategically placed so work patrons don’t get their wires crossed up
  • Reliable Wi-Fi with excellent bandwidth, delivered over a secured network
  • Friendly and accommodating staff behind the counter
  • A clean environment
  • A sign or two up regarding loudness and taking calls on the phone or on Zoom that aren’t muted conversations
  • Customers who pick up after themselves
  • A good flow of counter service
  • A wide variety of coffee and tea drinks, as well as available foods to squash hunger pangs
  • Creativity encouraged
  • A large table or two for potential meetings with coworkers or clients

In Summary

When the mood strikes and you need a change in your work environment, why not hit up a coffee shop and see what transpires in your productivity? It’s one of the most all-around places to work from that can nourish, encourage, and offer something different from your regular home or office space. The key is to be willing to surround yourself with other like-minded people who enjoy having a hot java and connecting with others doing the same.

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