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8 Ways to Enhance Your Next Cup of Joe


It’s no secret that coffee is one of the most widely enjoyed beverages in the world. People across the planet partake in it as part of their morning ritual. Yet many people choose to prepare their coffee the exact same way every time. It’s nice to have a go-to coffee routine of course, but have you ever wanted to take your coffee to the next level? Here are 8 great ingredients to try adding to your next cup to create a whole new experience.


Cardamom with coffee is very popular in the Middle East but almost unheard of in the west. The flavor profile is unique and reminiscent of ginger. It also has a few great health benefits to top it off.


This is a great ingredient to try during the winter. You can get the spice in ground form and just throw a dash in your cup as you leave for work in the morning. If you have a little more time and want a real flavor explosion, then get a full stick and put it in the pot while your coffee brews.

Vanilla Extract

Vanilla has a unique and instantly recognizable aroma. When it’s added to coffee, it tastes similar to a cup of coffee with cream and sugar but is significantly less calorie-dense. That makes vanilla a great spice for your coffee if you are trying to lose weight but can’t get rid of your sweet tooth yet.


The arch-nemesis of vanilla is obviously cocoa. Schoolchildren around the world argue over which is superior. Well, both are quite good in coffee actually. Dark chocolate is an especially good combination when mixed with a dark roast blend of coffee. The bitter notes of both accentuate each other exquisitely.


If the thought of Christmas time is exciting to you solely because of the prospects of gingerbread, then you will love a little ginger in your coffee. Again, it is not a common addition in the west. Throughout the east, however, it is as common as ketchup is to us westerners. There is a reason it is so popular there, and that is because it is both delicious and healthy.


There is no more classic of a combination than a nice dark roast coffee with a splash of heavy cream. It adds both a taste and a texture to the flavor profile of your morning coffee that is unbeatable.

Peppermint Oil

This is fun for people that love minty notes of flavor. You can use just a drop of peppermint essential oil, and it will infuse your entire drink with the essence of this plant. Not only will it give your coffee a sweet freshness to its flavor profile but, once you are done drinking, you will have great smelling breath too.


While chai is far more often associated with tea, that does not mean it can’t be mixed with coffee. In fact, this is one of the best tasting spice mixtures you can put with your coffee. If you are ready to try something bold and exciting grab some chai to put in your next cup.