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A gluten free diet is not necessarily a diet but a way of eating. It is where the person avoids all types of grains in the foods they eat. People who have a gluten sensitivity or have celiac disease should avoid eating gluten. Some people who have Asperger’s Syndrome, a high functioning autism, have noticed when they avoid gluten their brains perform better. There are benefits to excluding gluten from all the foods you eat.

Improves Energy Levels

Eating foods with gluten can make a person feel sluggish or tired. Even if you do not have a sensitivity or allergic reaction to gluten foods, you may still feel sluggish or tired after eating gluten. Some people have found their energy levels increase when they exclude gluten from their diets.

Autism Management

When a person who has any form of autism eats gluten, their minds can feel like they are cloudy and they have a harder time thinking. Autistic people who have a gluten free diet will usually notice a reduction in symptoms, like behavioral disorders, associated with their autism.

Helps With Weight Loss

Gluten is hard for a body to digest. When any type of food is not digested good it can turn to fat on the body. If you stay away from foods your body can not digest, you will be able to loose stored fat better. Gluten works against fat loss, not just because it can not be digested very good, but it also lowers a persons energy levels as stated above. Reduced energy levels work against a person who wants to loose weight.

Nutrients Absorb Better

When a person stays away from gluten their body can absorb nutrients better from other foods. Gluten foods are hard to digest, which means the nutrients in them will not be absorbed into their body very good or even not at all. If the person stays away from gluten, the other foods they eat will be digested better. This will mean their body will absorb the nutrients from those foods better. When a body absorbs nutrients better, their body will be able to recover better after an illness, an injury, and a workout. The person will be healthier when their body is able to absorb the nutrients it needs to recover and repair itself.

Reduced Cancer Risk

If you eat a gluten free diet, your risk for some types of cancer will decrease. Gluten is a protein known for its association with inflammation in the body. When there is inflammation in the body it will cause an increase in oxidative stress to the body’s cells. When the body’s cells have an increase in this type of stress it can be a breeding ground for cancerous cells to form and grow.

Some people have a gluten free diet because of a disorder they have or they are sensitive to it. Other people just enjoy eating gluten free. No matter the reason for a gluten free diet, there are many wonderful benefits to eating this way.

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