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The mixture of water and flour that is left out to the fermentation process is considered sourdough. Although most sourdough bread is not sour, the term sourdough derives from the French language due to the method of capturing the bacteria and yeast from the environment that allows the dough to rise. Sourdough bread was introduced eons ago when the ability of yeast merged into the kitchen of bread makers. Sourdough bread is a type of art that can be mastered over trial and error, or through processed recipes. Everyone that attempts to make sourdough bread wants to achieve the perfect recipe, therefore, below are a few tricks of the trade that are secret in the bread makers kitchen that can get you closer to achieving this goal.

The Top-Covert Secret

Sourdough bread secrets are all about the variables. This dives into the aspects of understanding the dough itself and knowing what it is capable of doing based on the variables like temperature, amount of ingredients, types of ingredients, and so forth. For example, if you are a new bread maker then try using a quality white and unbleached flour. This will get you familiar with the sourdough bread making process, then after you have achieved that style, you can move onto other types of flour to test your skills or increase them. Another example is the type of water that you choose to use. A good rule of thumb is to use bottled water or to leave a quart of water out the night before to allow and chemicals like chlorine to escape. The insider’s secret to making the best sough dough bread is to clearly understand the variables each time the bread-making process is started.

Do Not Underestimate Yourself

Getting a perfect sourdough bread recipe is a lot of trial by error for most beginners. It is wise to not underestimate yourself or to hold yourself to high expectations. With time, dedication, and knowledge of each product that you use will increase your bread making skills. Keep in mind that staying optimistic through the process will always allow room to grow and give you a stronger outlook on the outcome. If you decide you want to get the best sourdough bread on the table, then stay positive as each bread maker finds out their way of creating a recipe that can be remembered for generations, who knows you may already be a fantastic bread maker, so do not underestimate yourself, keep confident.

Final Thoughts

Sourdough bread holds a lot of secrets from the way it is kneaded, to the type of water, flour, and yeast used. The secret is ultimately how you change the variables, understanding the product, and having confidence in yourself. You will soon realize that each step to making a good sourdough recipe is determined by how long you mix, types of ingredients, visualizations of the steps, and understanding that it may take extra time or two to get it to your standards. Do your research and do not hesitate to ask questions to the local bread community to get additional insights and tricks to making a better loaf, and sooner than later you will be the master of your craft.

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