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Are you looking for an ideal way to jumpstart your summer morning? A cup of cold brew coffee is what you need. It is your ultimate way to boost your energy and have a refreshing start. Cold brew coffee is increasingly gaining popularity due to its uniqueness. It is smooth, soft, mellow, and lacks the bitterness that hot coffee has.

Cold brew coffee brings out the subtle flavors in coffee beans. Coffee beans do differ, and so their treatment and taste. With a wide range of coffee beans, it can be quite overwhelming to choose. Before narrowing your options, what makes cold brew coffee unique?

What is Cold Brew Coffee?

Cold brew is a brewing method quite distinct from the regular hot coffee brew. As the name suggests, cold brew coffee is not made from any heat. People often relate cold brew with iced coffee; the fact is that their preparation quite varies.

Preparation of cold brew coffee involves steeping ground coffee beans in cold filtered water. The beans sit in the water for quite some time for the goodness and flavors to extract. With iced coffee, the preparation involves pouring regular hot coffee over ice. What results from the different brewing methods is distinct coffee tastes.

Types Of Coffee Beans

Different coffee bean types bring out different cold brew coffee taste. Whether you are opting for cold brew or other styles, it is prudent that you consider the roast of the beans. For cold brew, you can three types of coffee beans:

  • Medium roast
  • Light roast
  • Dark roast

It is wise that you experiment to get your preference and taste.

Brewing Time

Have you made a trial of cold brew and didn’t come out as you expected? Well, there are aspects that you need to focus on. For instance, consider the length of time you take to brew.
With cold brewing, the process differs depending on the type of roast you are using.

  • Dark Roast – compared with light roast, dark roast cold brew coffee beans require less stepping time. The flavor in the beans tends to get overpowered when left for way too long.
  • Light Roast – it is often not ideal for cold brewing. Light roast coffee beans do have a delicate citrus flavor. Cold brewing doesn’t usually bring out the best taste of light roast coffee. You can only extract this with water that is close to boiling.

To have the best tasting cold brew coffee, consider your brewing time. Ensure that you adjust your time to accommodate the type of roast.

With or without Milk?

Milk brings out a whole new level of taste in your cold brew coffee. It, however, depends on your preference and taste. Some people would prefer black, cold brew coffee. When using milk or dairy cream, consider using dark roast coffee beans.

Size of Coffee Beans Grind

Always consider the size of the grind. For cold brewing, you are recommended to have a coarse grind. The size of the grind has an impact on both the taste and brewing method. Fine grounds, for instance, tend to produce bitter and harsh flavors compared to coarse grinds.

The market today offers a wide variety of beans for cold brew coffee. Take your time to look into the different brands to find your preference.

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