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Blonde Roast Coffee: What Is It? 


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The presence of dark roasts, white roasts, medium roasts, and the new, blonde roasts makes it hard to differentiate the coffee beans’ tastes. Although blonde roast coffee has been in the world since the start of coffee brewing, it has only started to gain fame recently. If you are still wondering what exactly this coffee roast is, read on to learn more.

An Overview of Blonde Roast Coffee

Blonde Roast is a coffee type brewed with blonde coffee beans. You can brew it with an espresso machine, pour-over coffee maker, or any other type of brewing method just like with other roasts. Furthermore, you can serve it black, with milk, sugar, cream, or however you like your coffee. 

How the coffee beans are roasted is what makes blonde roast coffee different from others. Therefore, it is essential to understand what blonde roast coffee means to get an in-depth knowledge of coffee roasting. The blonde roast coffee undergoes a different roasting process, and that’s why it seems different compared to other coffee bean types with light or dark roasting. The phrase ‘Blonde’ describes the coffee bean’s appearance because it undergoes light roasting.

The time to roast coffee beans determines whether they will be dark or light. Thus, the longer the time, the darker the beans. The most popular beans found in stores and coffee shops are medium and dark roasts. A blond roast is lighter than the two because it’s only roasted for a minimal period.

What is the Taste of the Blonde Roast Coffee?

 A coffee bean’s color is essential to determining its Roast because it shows how long it has been roasted. It also indicates the potential taste of the beans after brewing. There will always be a couple of unique and distinct characteristics regarding a blonde roast coffee because the beans are not roasted for a prolonged period. Overall, a blonde roast coffee bean doesn’t have much bitterness after brewing. Although the bean retains much of its acidity, it can produce a brew with a unique ‘lemony’ taste without relinquishing the smoothness and richness. Blonde coffee should be your go-to option if you are not into a bitter coffee.

Is Blonde Roast Strong?

 The perception of a strong coffee is personal because what one person perceives strong might be weak to another one. When it comes to a strong flavor, a dark roast tends to be bitter, while a blonde roast seems much smoother to the majority of people. As a result, a dark roast is regarded to have a strong flavor. In contrast, a blonde roast has a stronger acidity than a dark roast. The dark beans lose much of their acidity because they are heated for an extended period. In this regard, a blonde roast in many ways can be stronger than other roast coffee types.

How do Your Brew the Blonde Roast Coffee?

 You can brew this coffee type the same way you brew other coffee beans, as you may use an espresso machine, pour-over machine, or any other preferred coffee maker. What’s more, you can brew a cold blonde roast coffee. Most coffee addicts say that the ideal way to experience blonde roast coffee’s taste is to take it as an espresso or black. You can even make cold brew out of Blonde roast if you would like to minimize the amount of acidity in the brew.


Contrary to popular belief, Blonde roast is actually stronger than roasts made with beans that have been roasted for longer. Because the beans are roasted for less time, they also retain more caffeine content and therefore Blonde roast also has more caffeine. If you are looking to try something different than your usual light, medium, or dark roasts, give Blonde roast a try!

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