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Do Your Coffee Preferences Say Anything About Your Personality? What Your Preferred Coffee in San Marcos Says About You


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As people order the same or different kinds of coffee every day, many are not conscious of how the type of coffee they take speaks about their personality. However, your coffee preference tells more about your personality traits and the kind of person you are. Keep reading to understand the different personalities different types of coffee portray.

 • Espresso Aficionado

 A cup of espresso has several qualities best describe the type of person you are. People who take espresso are organized, hard workers, and confident. Persons who favor espresso tend to be extremely busy and have little or no time to spare for themselves. As a person who fancies espresso, people will identify you as an efficient person who possesses leadership qualities.

 • The Flat-White Enthusiasts

 People whose coffee preference is flat-white coffee do not tend to care what others think about them. This group of individuals is content being near their friends and families. Under the flat-white coffee category, those with a preference for almond milk or soy in their coffee are either conscious about their health, adventurous, or both adventurous and health-conscious.

 • Drip Coffee Lovers

 People who prefer Drip coffee are patient and dependable. Patience is attributed to the ground coffee slowly brewed together with milk and sugar. An individual who prefers this type of coffee is commonly referred to as a “sensible person” by their friends. People always consult with them for advice on various issues. Drip coffee loyalists are practical and also a voice of reason.

 • Instant Coffee Lovers

 People who prefer instant coffee do not plan much and take each day as it comes. They, however, love to procrastinate activities and do not pay much attention to minute details but rather pay attention to the bigger picture. Instant coffee lovers live in the present and always prioritize their happiness. They are also multitaskers and spend their cash wisely. As a person under this category, you are optimistic, prefer fast results, and love comfort.

 • A Ristretto Person

 A person that prefers ristretto to all other coffee types is a rare individual since ristretto is an intense and concentrated version of espresso. The coffee borrows its name from the Italian name ristretto, which means restricted, which means the barista only pulls the first portion from a packed espresso short. Ristretto lovers have unique personalities, are honest, and are also self-aware.

 • Classy Cappuccino

 If you are a person that loves a classy cappuccino, you like the sophisticated and refined things in life. A cappuccino lover is honest with their loved ones and enjoys being around others. This particular group of people, however, is dominant at times. A cappuccino lover is also super creative and self-motivated and prefers change since they are quickly bored by monotony. Cappuccino drinkers are also adventurous.

 • Black Coffee Drinkers

 People who love drinking black coffee prefer to keep their things simple and are also straightforward. Depending on the coffee you like, whether black, with no sugar or milk or bold, you are also a no-nonsense person, and you may at times seem stubborn. You also steer clear of arguments and conflicts. However, this group is identified to be resistant to changes.


Above, we saw some ways that a person’s coffee preference can reveal aspects of their personality. It might be surprising to know that your choice of coffee can communicate more about you than you may have previously realized; but, of course, while coffee preference can give insights into personality, it is not the only factor that determines a person’s character. If you’re looking for breakfast or coffee shops in San Marcos TX, be sure to visit Mochas & Javas! We have a cup that will perfectly fit your personality, no matter how you prefer your coffee.

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