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What Is Bulletproof Coffee And Why Is It So Good?


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Bulletproof coffee is entirely different than an espresso. It was created to impact energy, increase production, and enhance the cognitive function. Discovering this amazing coffee is a sensational treat, and it has been referred to by numerous different names including butter coffee and keto coffee. The original bulletproof coffee combined coffee, coconut oil, and butter. Today, any coffee with a high fat content from ingredients such as heavy cream is considered bulletproof coffee. One of the most popular versions is simply two parts of butter combined with one part of MCT oil. Some individuals place a lot of importance on the exact origins and specifications of each ingredient, but most people agree all you need is some MCT oil and butter to create the perfect cup of bulletproof coffee.

The Energy Factor

Other than the amazing taste, the best part of bulletproof coffee is the energy. Where regular coffee does supply plenty of caffeine, the MTC oil in bulletproof coffee adds a burst of energy that is sensational. No other oil absorbs faster, and the combination is perfection. Bulletproof coffee also means you will not have to worry about being hungry for quite some time. The days are much easier, and more productive, when you are energized and not thinking about food every few minutes.

The Ease

Making bulletproof coffee is incredibly easy. Simply put all the ingredients into a blender. Once everything has been blended all you need is a cup. You can track your intake with a food scale for the oils, or use a milk frother. Make certain the coffee is mixed well because it will not taste right if most of the butter and oil are floating on top.

The Incredible Additions

There are a lot of options for bulletproof coffee. You can stay with a source of fuel, or make a decadent treat. Cinnamon is exceptional when mixed with butter and coffee, and provides just the right amount of sweetness. Cocoa powder adds a delightfully bitter flavor adored by those who like their coffee strong. For an artificial sweetener, stevia drops turn coffee into a luscious dessert. For those who want to add a special flavor, sugar free syrups work very well. The caramel flavor is a nice addition to the taste of the coffee and the butter.

The Additional Benefits

Collagen peptides can be added to bulletproof coffee for improvements in the nails, skin, and hair. This also provides the body with an additional source of amino acids. Some people believe adding brain octane will help increase cognitive abilities. Pink salt provides the perfect medium between functional and tasty, due to the combination of trace minerals and sodium combined with a terrific flavor.

The Experimentation

Part of the fun of bulletproof coffee is experimenting with all the possible ingredients. Once you understand how to make bulletproof coffee, you can do nearly anything. Try using your favorite things such as ginger, nutmeg, or different types of coffee beans. If you really like the flavor of something specific, try adding different amounts until you have the perfect taste. You can make a different flavor for every day of the week, and smile as your energy increases.

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