Benefits of Drinking Coffee Daily

The Many Benefits Of Drinking A Daily Cup Of Coffee From your Coffee Shop in San Marcos TX


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One of the amazing things about coffee is that it has become arguably one of the most popular drinks in the world without many people even knowing many of the benefits that have now come to be associated with it. Over the years, consumers have generally taken a liking to the taste and the stimulating caffeine, but there is even more to enjoy about a daily cup of coffee. From positive health effects to energy boosts and much more, there are a number of other reasons to enjoy the drink as well.

Benefits in the Workplace

Coffee has become ubiquitous around the workplace in businesses around the world, and for good reasons. Coffee in the workplace has been determined to help to improve employee productivity while also helping to keep focus strong and short-term memory clear. For many businesses, using quality coffee is the key. Quality coffee is more attractive to workers, and it seems a small price to pay for the productivity benefits that it will almost certainly bring along with it.

Health Benefits: Recovery

Coffee is an excellent way to encourage muscle recovery. Drinking coffee is suspected to shorten the time it takes for the body to heal. This is especially helpful for those whose workout routines are strenuous, due to several reasons:

  • Drinking coffee helps to decreases uric acid level in the blood. This can help avoid developing problems such as arthritis, as well as kidney stones, diabetes, and other maladies.
  • Coffee contains large amounts of antioxidants, which increase muscle recovery and help avoid free radical damage.
  • Drinking coffee can boost glycogen levels. Muscle glycogen resynthesis is a complex medical term that basically means that the muscles are recovering well when it is taking place, and coffee (especially in collaboration with carbs) can heighten this process in the body after strenuous activity.

Health Benefits: Weight Loss

There are many ways that people try to lose weight, but it has been found that a cup of coffee here and there throughout the day can actually help to increase metabolism. That boost in metabolism means that the resting metabolic rate is higher in coffee drinkers so that (especially if consumed before a demanding activity) the fat cells can be used as energy rather than stored up in the body as glycogen.

So Drink Up Your Favorite Blend!

These are just a few of the many benefits now associated with drinking coffee regularly. Other health benefits may still be unknown, but are suspected. For instance, many coffee drinkers in studies have been shown to be less likely to get various diseases. Aside from the physical health benefits, the boost of energy that comes with a cup of quality coffee can help people get through their days. If you would like to try a taste of extraordinary coffee, drop by Mochas & Javas today, at any of our Frisco, or San Marcos, TX locations.


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