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Interesting Coffee Drinks from Around the World


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Many people start their day with a delicious cup of coffee. There are countless ways to get creative with this versatile drink, and everyone has their own special way that they like to make their coffee. Here are some unique ways that coffee is prepared and enjoyed from other places around the world.


This dessert-inspired coffee drink is simple but elegant. Made with high-quality gelato and espresso, affogato means “drowned” in Italian. A frosty mug is filled with gelato then “drowned” in hot espresso to create this sweet treat. It’s served hot or cold and often topped with whipped cream, fruit or chocolate sauces, and sprinkles. It’s like a coffee sundae.

KaffeostSweden and Finland

The name Kaffeost translates to “Cheese Coffee,” and that’s exactly what this drink is. This Scandinavian coffee is made by adding hand-made cheese cubes to sweetened black coffee. The mild-flavored cheese cubes, called leipajuust, absorb the coffee and create a creamy texture similar to some desserts.

Kopi Joss—Indonesia

This coffee is about as intense as coffee gets. Kopi Joss is made by pouring a cup of sweetened black coffee into a mug, then adding a sizzling hot piece of charcoal to it. The charcoal essentially caramelizes the sweetened coffee. After a few minutes, the coal is removed and the coffee is ready to drink.

Cafe Bombon—Spain

This coffee is made with equal parts espresso and sweetened condensed milk. The different densities of the espresso and milk cause a mesmerizing layered effect in the cup with the espresso sitting on top of the milk.

Cafe Touba—Senegal

Originating in the Holy City of Touba, this coffee was thought to have medicinal values. Crushed dried peppers, such as Guinea peppers, are mixed together with the coffee grounds before brewing. It’s often served with generous amounts of sugar and cloves for a sweet and spicy blend.

Yuenyueng—Hong Kong

This energizing entry is made with freshly brewed coffee and milk tea stirred together. Milk tea is a combination of black tea and sweetened condensed milk. This drink is served hot or cold and sometimes with a drizzle of honey.


Also known as “Egg Coffee,” this interesting drink is made by stirring a raw egg yolk mixed with honey into a hot mug of black espresso. This technique causes the egg yolk to temper, creating a sweet, silky beverage.


Also known as “Coffee Lemonade,” this refreshing drink is made with hot or iced coffee and topped with freshly squeezed lemon juice and sometimes a mint leaf.

Ca Phe Trung—Vietnam

Another take on “Egg Coffee,” this one is made by whisking an egg yolk with sweetened condensed milk until it’s light and frothy, then pouring it onto a mug of strong black coffee.

Kopi Luwak—Indonesia

Also known as “Cat Poop Coffee,” this is probably the most unique and most expensive coffee on the list. It’s made from the coffee cherries that have been eaten, digested, and excreted by the palm civet cats in Southeast Asia. The digestive process supposedly enhances the flavor of the resulting coffee beans that come out the other end intact.

Closing Thoughts

Coffee is a truly diverse drink that is loved all over the globe. These coffee drinks are as unique as the cultures they come from. Give them a try next time you’re in the mood to mix up your morning routine!

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