Cup of tea next to a veggie sandwich

Tips for Ordering Healthy Options at Coffee Shops


Coffee shops have always been a place where people can go to find solitude, meet with friends, have a study group, host business meetings and a plethora of other reasons. The public can relax in a soothing atmosphere where the aroma of fresh brewed coffee can quiet even the most jittery nerves. Some might laugh at the contradiction between coffee which contains caffeine and the quieting of jittery nerves, but today there are so many full-flavored coffee options that do not have caffeine. There is no shortage of options available to visitors who want to drink something healthy.

There is much more than coffee available to order in coffee shops today, including tea, breakfasts, pastries, hot chocolate and even smoothies. One can always find something to eat and drink whether they are on a healthy lifestyle, diabetic, or have other dietary restrictions to accommodate.

Coffee and Tea

Here are some good coffee and tea choices for those looking for health benefits. Keep in mind that adding sugar, sugar alternatives, milk or cream can all make these drinks less healthy depending on your dietary needs.

  • Light roast or dark, freshly ground decaffeinated coffee is loaded with antioxidants and won’t keep you up at night if you’re sensitive to caffeine.
  • Herbal tea, green tea, black tea and most teas were used for medicine since they not only boast a high amount of antioxidants, but also reduce stress and give you a feeling of well-being.
  • Lattes and other espresso drinks are a bit risky because many coffee shops add whipped cream to them. Forgo the cream, and the antioxidants will help along with skim or 2 percent milk. Everyone needs to indulge occasionally.
  • A matcha-chino with honey gives a boost of energy, and the honey has been known to lessen inflammation, protect against infection, provide plenty of antioxidants and ease stress.


What can be said about smoothies other than all of them are very nutritious, loaded with nutrients, vitamins K and D3, calcium, greens and just about everything that is extremely healthy for everyone. Smoothies are so good that one can forget about eating breakfast and grab a super drink instead!

Breakfast and Snacks

  • Veggie egg sandwiches are often available with gluten-free bread options and are very tasty. They can come with healthy cheeses to give you plenty of protein, calcium and vitamins A and B12.
  • Vegetarian zucchini bread is another great breakfast option that has no gluten and lots of vitamins.
  • An assortment of coffee cake, scones and cookies can also be gluten-free.

In conclusion, there are many ways to eat and drink healthy in a coffee shop. What better way to spend time with friends, colleagues, alone or with strangers who become new friends? Even if someone just goes into a coffee shop feeling depressed, upset or at odds with life, the atmosphere is going to make you feel better and your soul lighter. Who knows; you might even partake of a drink or grab yourself a healthy snack. You will leave with a quenched thirst, a full belly and the peace of mind knowing everything you have eaten or drunk was great for your mind and body if you follow the suggestions above.

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