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Different Types Of Coffee Brews Part 1


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Coffee is a beverage that boasts a wondrous amount of variety. There are countless different types of coffee plants, brands, and types of roasts that add to the many varieties of the drink you can enjoy. Here we’ll be looking at the different types of coffee brews. Each brew has its own unique benefit and flavor profile.

Iced Toddy

Some traditional iced coffee is simply normal hot brewed coffee poured over ice. However, today’s iced toddy is made using a different method that has several benefits. This brewing method is often refereed to as “cold water extraction” which is quite literal. An iced toddy is made by taking coffee beans, grinding them using a medium grind, not fine, and putting them in cool water. The amount of time the ground beans need to stay in the water varies, but is usually between 12 and 24 hours. This gives the grounds an opportunity to soak, ensuring that most of the caffeine is extracted.

After soaking the beans, they are filtered out of the liquid and what remains is the final beverage that is ready for consumption. Some people filter the beans out using felt cloth, others use a French press, and some use a metal sieve. If making the drink at home, even a regular coffee filter can be used. The process used to make an iced toddy results in a drink that is less acidic than traditional coffee. This makes an iced toddy a great option for people whose stomachs won’t handle regular coffee.

Drip Coffee

Hot drip-brewed coffee is what most people recognize as “normal” coffee today. Making drip coffee is a much simpler process than making an iced toddy, though it does not have all of the same benefits. Instead, drip coffee has its own advantages. The first being that brewing drip coffee is considered a much easier process than that required to make an iced toddy. It also requires less time to make. Additionally, the process used for making drip coffee absorbs all of the oils from the coffee beans used, giving the final beverage a bolder flavor.

To make drip-brewed hot coffee, coffee beans are ground and hot water is poured over them. A filter, most often a paper or metal one, filters the ground beans out of the beverage, leaving only the liquid drink behind. There are several benefits to this brewing method. As stated previously, it takes much less time than some other methods, and it usually results in a bolder flavor. Additionally, almost any type of coffee bean or roast can be used to make drip coffee, so it offers a wide variety of options to coffee aficionados who enjoy trying different blends.

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