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Different Types Of Coffee Brews Part 2


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In our previous article on Different Types of Coffee Brews (Part 1) we looked at the brewing methods for an iced toddy and hot drip-brewed coffee. Today we’ll continue looking at different methods of brewing coffee and the unique benefits that comes with each.

Bulletproof Coffee

Bulletproof coffee is a unique beverage, known for its ability to give a quick energy boost. This type of drink starts with coffee brewed using the French press method, which involves a special French press pot. French press coffee is made using beans ground to a medium fineness. If the grind is too fine, the grounds may slip through the filter into the drink, and if they are too coarse the opposite can happen and the filter can get clogged. The ground coffee beans are added to a filter built into the French press, and a built in plunger presses hot water through the coffee.

Once the coffee is made, in order to make bulletproof coffee, some additions are needed. These additions are usually two things. First, 1-2 tablespoons of MCT oil, which is similar to coconut oil, are added. The reason MCT oil is used is because it can be used by the body as an energy source without experiencing a “crash” when the energy is used up. The next ingredient is grass-fed unsalted butter. This is also used because of the energy it provides, but also because of the unique taste it creates. The final mixture is blended together, and results in a creamy, full-flavored beverage.


Espresso is another type of coffee brew, and the process of making it is where the drink gets its name. Espresso is made using an espresso machine (mostly found in coffee shops) that takes coffee beans and forces high-pressure, near boiling water, over the beans to create the final liquid. This process is used because it draws the natural oil and caffeine from the coffee beans. The final product has less liquid to drink than traditional coffee, but has more flavor and a very high ratio of caffeine to liquid.

Because brewing espresso results in a small amount of liquid with intense flavor and lots of caffeine, it is often served mixed with other ingredients. In lattes and cappuccinos, espresso is mixed with milk with varying amounts of foam on top and optional flavors. Espresso is also used in americanos. Instead of using milk, as in lattes and cappuccinos, americanos combine espresso and hot water. There are many other types of beverages that also combine espresso, milk or water to dilute it, and some type of flavor. These include popular beverages such as mochas and cold blended beverages.

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