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Billions of people around the world are avid coffee drinkers. There are those who drink coffee only in the morning, those who have to have it throughout the day, and those who choose to have a cup during the relaxing evening hours. Whatever the chosen time, a cup of coffee works wonders for the multitude of drinkers. Some coffee drinkers prefer their coffee hot, claiming that this is the only true and original way to drink it. Others have discovered that coffee is just as good cold, and have made this their preferred way to have it. Either way, coffee is one of the most popular beverages across the globe.

Is Hot Brewed or Cold Brewed Coffee Healthier?

It is difficult to say which is better, hot or cold. There are only slight differences in the health benefits attributed to this desired drink. However, one argument is that hot brewed coffee destroys the antioxidants that appear in coffee. Accordingly, cold coffee may be high in antioxidants. Cold brewed coffee also reduces acid reflux for those who may have a sensitivity to it. Since it has less acidity, cold brewed coffee may be easier on the stomach. Because of the lower acidity in cold brewed coffee, it may be sweeter than hot brewed coffee.

Differences in Brewing Process

Cold brewed coffee does not involve a heating process. Instead, it is made by soaking coffee grounds for an extended period of time in cold water, or water that is at room temperature. This process takes from 12 to 24 hours. The resulting coffee is then diluted with two or three parts water, either cold or hot, mixed with the drinker’s favorite dairy product, and served sweetened. It can also be served black. Cold brew coffee can be refrigerated for up to 6 weeks, or can be frozen for a much longer period.

Taste Comparison

Many people like the rich, smooth, and robust flavor of a hot cup of fresh brewed coffee. Cold brewed coffee may be just as tasty, but it does not have all the same qualities as hot brewed coffee. That morning cup of coffee from your local San Marcos and Frisco coffee shops, is expected to rejuvenate, and energize. Cold and hot brewed coffee both contain enough caffeine to get you through the day. Although the flavor is similar, the preference for hot brewed coffee is high because it still has its aromatic characteristics. To a coffee aficionado, there is nothing more pleasing that the aroma of a great cup of coffee, and feeling the warmth of that first sip.

Cold brewed coffee became popular around the early years of 2000, and has really become a fan favorite of millions. People enjoy drinking it during the hot days of summer because it provides the taste of coffee that they love. Some of these same people still want to enjoy their hot brewed coffee before leaving home in the morning. So, is one preferred over the other? It is a difficult task to determine if one tastes better, or is enjoyed more. Coffee is an unmistakable taste that is loved both ways.

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