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Kombucha Tea: A Growing Phenomenon


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Kombucha beverages have become increasingly popular in recent years, due to the many health benefits said to be attributed to the drink. Kombucha is often brewed as a tea and can be found sold in coffee shops and stores. Experienced brewers may even make this drink at home. But what is kombucha?

What is Kombucha?

Kombucha is a tea based drink that is usually made with tea, of course, sugar, and bacteria. While bacteria may sound like something that you don’t necessarily want in your drink, the bacteria in kombucha is similar to the yeast used in bread, and is safe, even healthy, to ingest. The drink is often described as having a smell with a hint of vinegar, and a tart taste. While kombucha tea’s rising popularity is somewhat recent, the tea itself has been around for centuries. It is thought to have originated in China, where it was once used as a type of anti-inflamatory for those experiencing the effects of conditions such as arthritis.

How is Kombucha Made?

Kombucha is a fairly easy drink to make, and can even be made at home, though this process can be tricky and should only be attempted after careful research. As stated earlier, the drink is the result of a mixture of tea, sugar, and bacteria. The tea used is often black or green tea. Once the tea is made, it is combined with brettanomyces, a strain of bacteria similar to yeast. The bacteria is mixed with the tea and left to sit for several days, usually around ten. During this time the beverage ferments, and what is called a “colony of bacteria” (the good kind) forms on the top of the liquid. At the end of the fermentation process, the bacteria is removed, and may be used to create another batch of kombucha or something else. The liquid left behind is kombucha tea.

Is Kombucha Healthy?

Because of the healthy bacteria included in kombucha, the drink has gained fame as being a healthy beverage. Many benefits are popularly associated with drinking kombucha regularly. These include such wellness benefits as helping to fight colds, alleviate symptoms of food allergies, increase the health of your stomach, and even lower cholesterol. Whether or not kombucha can truly take credit for the many benefits attributed to it is still debated. However, it is a healthy probiotic, and most people agree that it is a delicious way to enjoy tea, so it is likely its popularity will continue whether or not its benefits are proven.

What Types of Kombucha Exist?

There are quite a large variety of types of kombucha. There are several options for nearly every ingredient in this type of tea, so whether you are making kombucha at home or purchasing it at a coffee shop, you will have plenty of choices. The type of tea kombucha is made with can be either black or green. The type of bacteria used can also vary. The bacteria used is always one that is healthy for people to ingest, and may not greatly affect the taste of the drink, though it can affect the amount of time it takes to ferment. You can also find kombucha with and without sugar added. This certainly affects the taste, but if you have any dietary restrictions that exclude sugar, kombucha is available without it.

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