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What’s The Deal With Decaf Coffee?


Caffeine affects us all differently. While coffee is an everyday staple for some people, for some the caffeine can have an unwanted effect on their daily routine. Decaf coffee is a wonderful alternative to regular coffee. But what makes decaf coffee decaf?

Benefits of Decaf Coffee

Coffee has been around for a very long time, and people have been brewing beans for centuries now. The mere aroma of coffee can lift the spirits. It is the morning, afternoon, and even evening go-to drink for many people worldwide. Many people drink regular coffee in order to enjoy the effects of the caffeine found in the drink. However, for those who prefer decaffeinated coffee, there are other benefits as well.

Benefits of Decaf Coffee:

There are many benefits popularly attributed to drinking decaf coffee. Listed below are a few of the most commonly suggested benefits:

  • Improves mental health
  • Lowers risks of liver damage
  • Is easier on the stomach
  • Is a source of antioxidants and key nutrients
  • Helps lower risk of diabetes
  • Can boost brain function

Avoid Unwanted Side Effects

Decaf coffee is a great option for everyone. It contains the majority of the benefits of regular coffee, without some of the unwanted side effects. Some side effects that decaf coffee lets coffee drinkers avoid include anxiety, digestive problems, and even trouble sleeping. Decaf coffee is less acidic, so it does not upset the stomach. Also, it is great for people who are sensitive to caffeine. Pregnant women, individuals taking certain medication, and adolescents are all free to drink decaf coffee without experiencing some of the side effects of regular caffeinated coffee.

How is Coffee Decaffeinated?

To make decaf coffee, the coffee bean is decaffeinated when it is in its green nature state. This is before it is roasted. Caffeine can be extracted using several different methods. One way is by using organic chemical solvents. Another method is the Swiss Water process. These methods remove about 97% of the caffeine from the bean, resulting in decaffeinated coffee.

Does Regular or Decaf Coffee Taste Better?

Many people can argue for either side. It all comes down to personal preferences. We all enjoy a variety of tastes. Why should your coffee be any different? Whether you know about it or not, there are tons of flavored coffees out there. Even if you aren’t sensitive to caffeine, some people may find that they still enjoy the taste of decaf coffee more than regular coffee.

Coffee is a Connector

Have you ever ordered coffee with a friend, acquaintance, or family member? Ever chatted with someone over coffee or tea? Chances are you most likely have. It happens everywhere from the work break room to the local coffee shop. It creates a buzzing social event, that makes people happy. People want to partake in that kind of atmosphere. For those sensitive to regular coffee, decaf coffee offers a great alternative way to enjoy the connection that sharing coffee brings to people around the world.


Coffee is a worldwide commodity. It has become almost essential for many people’s lives. Decaf coffee is just another way we can all enjoy a coffee break or two. So enjoy your cup of joe! You deserve it.

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