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Pour-over coffee is a particular type of coffee that takes some effort to brew but is worth the effort. The brewing process requires the user to slowly pour water over ground coffee in a filter, either a cone-shaped metal or cloth filter or a traditional paper filter. This article will teach you everything you need to make perfect pour-over coffee.

Step 1: Choose Your Equipment

When picking out equipment, think about what kind of coffee you’d like to make. This can range from a simple single cup to an imperial French press or espresso machine, which will be more involved. If you’re getting into pour-over coffee, it is recommended to sticking with a drip filter or a French press.

Step 2: Grind Your Beans

Start with the right beans. Coffee beans have various strengths, which can be determined by how much you grind them before brewing. The flavor intensity they produce directly depends on how much they are ground. It’s also crucial to use only whole beans, never pre-ground. This will ensure you get the most flavor out of your coffee since pre-ground coffee is often stale.

The time it takes to grind your beans will depend on your grinder. Some are quick but produce a poor grind, while others take a little longer but give a much more flavorful grind. It’s also important to buy quality equipment that can hold up over time. For instance, cheaper conical burr grinders can heat up and get messy if they are not oiled or cleaned correctly. Use your grinder in short bursts of 15 seconds for the best results.

Step 3: Choose Your Filter

There are two types of filters to choose from: a cone-shaped metal filter or a traditional paper filter. Metal filters are typically found in the $15-$30 range and are made with either stainless steel or sometimes even ceramic. While the stainless steel variety is more durable and can be used for years without wearing out, the ceramic will hold its heat longer, which is essential when you’re going to be brewing French press coffee. Paper filters have only one advantage over metal ones: they’re easier to clean up after you’re done using them.

Step 4: Choose Your Water

Water temperature is critical for good pour-over coffee. If it’s too hot, your coffee will burn and taste bitter. If it’s too cold, your coffee will taste watery. For pour-over coffee, you should use water that has a temperature of about 195 degrees F. This puts you at the sweet spot for brewing coffee that has a great tasting flavor without being burnt or watery.

Step 5: Brewing

Start by placing the filter on top of your cup or carafe and pouring in enough ground beans to cover the bottom half of the filter. Gently shake them around so they can stick to the sides of the filter. Then, place the filter over a pitcher or cup and slowly pour hot water through the coffee grounds. After about 15 seconds, you can turn off your heat source and gently press up and down on the coffee to ensure all of it is saturated.

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