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One of the most important elements of anyone’s morning routine is brewing the perfect cup of coffee. Maybe you have a Keurig, or a 12 cup drip brewer. There is no method that is better than another, it depends on your personal taste and how much you would like to be involved in the brewing practice. However, a lot of people like to use a cafetiere, or French press to make their morning cup of joe. It is easy, there are many tweaks you can use to make it taste just perfect for you, and you can make only the amount that you want.

Where did the French Press Originate?

The initial forerunner to the French press of today was created and patented in the middle of the 19th century by a Frenchman, giving it its name. However, the original design did not create a seal in the carafe, so it is a bit different from the ones that are available today.

What Can I Expect?

The short answer? You can expect a flavorful rich cup of coffee all from the comfort of your own home.Coffee is brewed via a full immersion method, and if the grains are too fine, they may slip through the metal strainer and give you a gritty mouthfeel. However, you can expect to have the utmost control over your bre, including water temperature, how finely the grounds are ground, and the time that you lave it to steep. Playing around with all of these variables will give you a perfect cup of coffee, tailored to your tastes exactly.

Variables when Using a French Press

One of the best things about using a French press is just how much control you have over the final product. Take these variables into account when creating your perfect recipe. Grain size – For a French Press, you want a coarser grind to your coffee. Finer coffee grinds can slip through the metal mesh, giving you a sandy taste in your mouth. Water/coffee ratio – The place most people start is 1 part coffee to 15 parts water. you can easily tweak these numbers to get closer to perfection. Brew Time – This is the time when you set the French press on the counter and just leave it alone to work its magic. Most people give it between 3-5 minutes. Obviously a longer brew time is perfect for a darker roast, and 3 minutes is perfect if you do not wan it to be too strong.

Coffee is such an important part of almost everyone’s day. It is the cornerstone of the morning routine, and finding the perfect method to brew coffee in your home is always a worthwhile endeavor. People have been using French presses for all of the 20th century, and they are just starting to become even more popular. You get the sleek look of the kitchen tool, and a perfect cup of brew that you can easily and successfully tweak to suit your own tastes.

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