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Whipped coffee is one of the phenomena born of the quarantine. It is a delicious, airy coffee drink that was popularized by a TikTok user and has ignited a whirlwind of interest on social media in South Korea and elsewhere during the Coronavirus pandemic. This drink has also been called Indian cappuccino, Dalgona (which is a honeycomb toffee candy in South Korea), or beaten coffee. Its exact genesis is unknown but it was definitely reborn in 2020 during the quarantine.

Whipped Coffee Recipe

It is a very simple recipe involving commonly stocked pantry items. This has contributed to its winsome popularity. Most coffee drinkers have these items on hand. It calls for 2 tablespoons each of sugar, instant coffee, and boiling hot water whipped to perfection by hand whisk or with a mixer and poured over a cup of milk. It does vaguely resemble a cappuccino or a milkshake due to the aerated nature of the foam topping which gets mixed through. It can be enjoyed hot or iced and adds that creamy delicious sweetness that people crave with coffee. In fact, 50% of the United States population drink coffee either hot or iced which has contributed to this drink’s popularity. Tea drinkers and chocoholics have adopted their own versions of this drink, replacing the instant coffee granules with cocoa or matcha tea powder. However the chemistry with the instant coffee, sugar, and water is a perfect combination whereas the chocolate and tea additions may not hold the thick, airy shape quite as well.

Fun Variations to Whipped Coffee

Variations are plentiful. It can be made with a host of different bases depending on tastes and food allergies. The original recipe calls for 1 cup of whole cow’s milk but others have used oat milk, soy milk, chocolate milk, hot chocolate, caramel flavored milk, or even cold brew coffee for an extra kick of caffeine. Also, flavorings can be added to the base milk like vanilla syrup, almond extract, or cinnamon for a different flair. In addition, different sugars can be used; however, the proportions don’t hold when this variation is made. People who enjoy less sweet coffee could use coconut sugar but will need to add slightly more than 2 tablespoons. The consistency of the topping should be thick, caramel colored, with a texture somewhere between pudding and whipped cream. Regular, granulated table sugar appears to be the glue that holds the foam together so it truly makes the best outcome for the whipped coffee. Just like with many items, it is hard to beat the original. But it is also fun to experiment and have a custom cuppa especially when there is the gift of time.

Whipped coffee is for those looking for a little adventure and energy in the form of a dreamy coffee milk drink that takes mere minutes to make.

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