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What is Nitro Cold Brew? An Overview from Your Experts on Coffee in San Marcos TX


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One of the biggest trends that we have seen taking the coffee shops by storm over the last couple of years is nitro cold brew, and we welcome it with open arms! What began as an artisan craft just over this past decade, quickly became a “must have” for even the average joe coffee shop regular. It has become such a popular coffee option that, now, even some gas stations offer nitro cold brew on their coffee bars. Odds are, you have either already tried or at least heard of nitro cold brew, but with all the buzz about it, you might be wondering what the fuss is all about. Enjoy this brief overview of the latest coffee craze, and if you haven’t already, try it for yourself!

How is it Served?

There are some key differences between your classic cold brew and the artisan nitro cold brew. For starters, it is poured out of tap, much like a beer on draft. Just like cold brew, the coffee is steeped in cold water over a prolonged period of time (around 12 or more hours), so it has the richness we love from our cold brew! Then, it is infused with nitrogen gas through a pressurized valve, a system similar to a CO2 tap for kegged beer. Nitro cold brew is served without ice and without any add-ons. It typically isn’t even served with a straw! It is meant to be sipped in its rawest form, and the results will not disappoint! 

What is the Difference?

While we already loved our cold brew, infusing it with nitrogen gas somehow heightens what we already enjoyed about it! The nitro gas gives the coffee a smooth, almost velvet-like texture. The nitrogen bubbles creates this frothy layer that cascades from bottom to top, which is why the base of your beverage is much darker than the top. This is why it is best to forgo the straw. Not only are you creating less trash, but enjoying your nitro cold brew from top to bottom will be worth it! Not only do you get the sweetness of your favorite cold brew beverages, you also get to enjoy a frothy, craft beverage without the need for any dairy or dairy substitutions.

Benefits of Nitro Cold Brew

There are legitimate benefits to choosing nitrogen cold brew, especially if you are trying to cut calories or find yourself on a special diet. We have all at some point bid adieu to our favorite treats in order to be more health conscious, but you probably won’t have to go through coffee withdrawals now! While this has a creamy feel to it, it does not have any dairy or added sugars like your typical latte, and the average serving of nitro cold brew typically has around 5 calories total. So, instead of staring longingly through the glass of your favorite coffee shop, go ahead and treat yourself! Get your caffeine fix without the guilt and but with all of the enjoyment!

More Insight from Your Experts on Coffee in San Marcos TX

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