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Why We Love Bulletproof Coffee! Tips from Your San Marcos Coffee Shop


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For many, that early morning cup of coffee is like a sacred part of the day that we honor with great consistency. Even for those who do not drink it religiously every day, coffee is still often times a part of their lifestyle. Whether it is consumed as a means to get the brain working, with an old friend at your favorite local coffee shop, or with a potential client for a business meeting, coffee is a massively dominant beverage today. With such a rich history, it is hard to imagine our favorite cup of joe needing improving upon, and yet recently a new trend has started taking the morning coffee drinkers by storm. Bulletproofing coffee might still be new on the radar, but we are here for it and all of the benefits!

What is Bulletproof Coffee?

Bulletproof Coffee first came to light in 2009 and has been gaining traction ever since. The first recipe was posted by an American entrepreneur by the name of Dave Asprey who is described as a “health guru” by men’s health. Bulletproofing your coffee, in the most simplified description possible, is the process of adding butter and oil. If you slightly cringe at the initial thought of that combination, you are not alone, but don’t knock it just yet! While this might seem like the opposite advise you might get from a health guru, the benefits, both health and flavor, are extensive! 

Coffee. Oil. Butter. Simple, right?

Before you go spooning “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter” and Crisco into your coffee, let me explain exactly what kind of oil and butter we are talking about and why they add so many benefits. We are looking for healthy fats, so the products used in bulletproof coffee are very intentionally chosen in that regard. The oil should be a medium chain triglyceride (MCT) oil, and the most common oil used for this is unrefined coconut oil. You can purchase 100% MCT oil, but coconut has a slightly lower concentration and is easier to access and has other positive benefits as well. The second ingredient to add to your coffee is butter! You want to grass-fed butter, which is highly rich in omega 3’s and doesn’t carry the downfalls of your typical grain-fed butter that you would normally grab from the dairy isle. 

What are the Benefits of Bulletproof Coffee?

Though historically we, as a culture, have shied away from and even preached against consuming fat, there is another side to the coin that has been acknowledged. Good fats are vital for your brain and body to work properly, and when those healthy fats are consumed in the proper manner, people often feel more alert, more productive, have a healthy BMI, and generally have a happier disposition. Your brain does a lot to control your body, and with it being 60% fatty matter (it’s the fattiest organ in the human body), it makes sense that consuming the right fats keeps it working properly. Also, people are beginning to replace their breakfast with bulletproof coffee, and they often report it jump starts their metabolism and helps them avoid the typical mid-day groggy slump as their brain functions at a higher rate throughout the day!

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