Delicious And Nutritious: Three Types Of Terra Bars


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Terra Bars are a mobile meal designed to be filling and nutritious. Brett and Jack, the creators of Terra Bars, created the bars because it was impossible to find a true meal replacement bar. Many bars billed as a meal replacement did not have good quality ingredients, and were low in protein, and had lots of carbohydrates. Carbohydrates only give a temporary boost to the person eating the meal, and then there’s an energy crash. Protein is metabolized more slowly and therefore is a longer and more stable ingredient when it comes to acting as a meal replacement and giving energy. A lot of so-called meal replacement bars were actually candy bars in disguise!

Kinds of Terra Bars

Terra Bars currently come in three flavors – Almond Berry, Cocoa Coconut, and Ginger Apple Cinnamon. They are all high in protein and fiber, and free of gluten and grain – two ingredients that can appear to be good in a meal bar but are actually counterproductive to nutrition. All boxes of Terra Bars come with 12 bars each, and there’s even a variety pack that has 12 bars, with 4 of each flavor. Each bar provides protein and necessary fat to give you energy.

Almond Berry

Almond Berry bars are protein-heavy, as shown by the fact that the first two ingredients in them are almond butter and whey protein. Like all Terra Bars, they have nutritious kale and beet included in their ingredients! Combined with the other delicious ingredients of dates, blueberries, and almonds, Almond Berry Terra Bars pack a punch both when it comes to energy and when it comes to taste.

Cocoa Coconut

Like Almond Berry bars, Cocoa Coconut bars also contain almond butter, whey protein, kale, dates, and beet. In addition to those delicious ingredients, they have the ingredients they are named after, of course! Cocoa Coconut bars have coconut oil to provide important fats, unsweetened shredded coconut, cocoa powder, and delicious dark chocolate chips. This bar is particularly high in dietary fiber and calcium, providing 25% of your daily calcium and 28% of your daily dietary fiber in one 340-calorie bar.

Ginger Apple Cinnamon

Ginger Apple Cinnamon is the final treat in the line of Terra Bars. It’s full of the delicious basic ingredients included in all other Terra Bars and additionally has walnuts for extra protein. The bar’s sweetness comes from the all-natural dates and apples, and it is flavored with cinnamon and ginger. It also has 25% of your daily calcium, and 18 grams of unsaturated fat.

Terra Bars are healthy, delicious, and a new kind of product. It’s hard to find healthy bars that are more than just snacks, but your search is over now that you have heard about Terra Bars. If you’d like to try a Terra bar for yourself, visit Mochas & Javas at any of our San Marcos, TX locations, or at our location in Frisco, TX.


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