Coffee Shop Breakfast

Finding a Nutritional Breakfast at a Coffee Shop


When you’re in a rush in the morning, whether you’re heading to class or work, and simply don’t have time to set aside to make yourself a healthy breakfast, a coffee shop might be too much temptation for you. With all the delicious baked goods, coffee shops aren’t typically known as the best place to get a quick healthy bite to eat in the mornings. However, there actually are quite a few ways you can eat a healthy breakfast from a coffee shop with the right tips. There are a wave of coffee shops that aim to change the notion that you can’t eat healthy at the same place you pick up your double americano. Keeping the right tips in mind you might begin to see your local coffee shop as more than just a “muffins and coffee” kind of place.

How to Choose a Healthy Coffee Shop Breakfast:

1. Think about what you would make for yourself at home. Chances are, your coffee shop will have it. While some coffee shops have more variety than others, opt for a location that serves the basics. Think eggs, vegetables, and fruit.

Opt for a gluten free breakfast sandwich on gluten free bread, add chicken, avocado, tomato and event egg! Voila! You have yourself a healthy breakfast gluten free sandwich that will keep you full until lunchtime. Another option could be a breakfast plate that includes eggs, a couple slices of bacon, tomato, and a sprinkle of cheese (or no cheese at all if you’re dairy free).

2. Vegetarian options are typically healthier than the regular menu items. A great example of this would be choosing a breakfast sandwich that incorporates eggs, spinach, tomato, and maybe a dab of pesto. Choose gluten free or whole wheat bread, and ask for a sprinkle of feta cheese if you aren’t dairy free! There you have it, you’ll have a delicious greek style breakfast sandwich without all the grease and extra calories!

3. If you are looking for an even lighter coffee shop breakfast idea, think fruits and vegetables. Coffee shops typically have an assortment of fruit cups or whole fruits like bananas and apples by the register. Choosing a couple pieces of fruit or opting for a fruit cup and then pairing this with a breakfast plate that only includes vegetables is a great way to make sure you get all the nutrients you need to start your day. Ask for slices of avocado, tomato, spinach, and red bell pepper to make your own veggie wrap or breakfast veggie salad.

You have a plethora of healthy breakfast options to choose from if you make sure to remember to stick to the ingredients that you know are healthy. Asking for modifications is okay, as in removing any additional dressings that might come on a sandwich. Always remember that your coffee should be complemented with a nutritious meal so you can get on with your day on the right foot. Don’t let the muffins deter you from choosing what is right for the health of your body. Just keep these tips in mind next time you head to your local coffee shop!