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The Best Coffee: Coffee Shop Vs Grocery Store Answers from Your Coffee Shops in San Marcos TX


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One of the best heaven-sent things that coffee lovers around the world get to enjoy today is the fact that any convenient store or coffee shop that you go too has full aisles that are packed with nothing but cans of ground coffee or coffee beans. Cans of different types of coffee span the aisles of supermarkets and make up the largest amount of coffee that is sold throughout the entire country.

What’s the Difference?

What a lot of people, even avid coffee drinkers, often do not realize is the fact that the pre-ground coffee that they buy from the grocery store comes from an entirely different coffee entirely. This species of coffee tree was first founded in Uganda in the late 1800’s. The coffee beans from this species of tree, most commonly known as Coffee Robusta, is a very hardy coffee and highly resistant to diseases. This means that they take less maintenance to take care of and yield more than the beans from coffee trees that are used in big commercial specialty coffee stores. The big question then is if pre-ground coffee in a can tastes any worse or is any less effective than freshly ground, specialty coffee that comes in a whole bean. Of course, the biggest factor here when thinking about its taste is if the pre-ground coffee that you buy in a supermarket is going to be as fresh as the coffee that you get from a specialty coffee store.

How Fresh is it?

Many coffee connoisseurs go to the store and get a can of coffee only to find themselves feeling disappointed upon opening it. They find that the coffee tastes weak instead of giving the bold intensity of dark flavors that they so long for when they take the first sip of coffee in the morning. Even when you add more scoops of coffee and fewer cups of water, it seems difficult to get it strong and robust as it should taste. Apart from getting the caffeine intake that you need to wake your body up in the morning, too many people, there seems to not be much of a pay-off when it comes to saving money by getting the pre-ground coffee from a grocery store.

Why So Expensive?

On the other side of the spectrum, there is another type of coffee that is known as Coffea Arabica. Arabica coffees typically grow at high altitudes and in cooler temperatures than the ones that are sold in generic grocery store brands. This is the coffee bean of choice for coffee lovers as it has a bold, rich flavor that pleases the pallet as well as waking you up. Since these coffees only make up about 8% of the country’s coffee consumption, they are obviously more expensive than the ones that you would buy at the regular store, often costing between $3 and $7 more than others. However, coffee connoisseurs know that the extra money is completely worth the extra few bucks spent if it means having a great cup of coffee to start the day.

Coffee tasting and drinking have become a fine art and people often say that you have to have a refined palette to enjoy the really good stuff or even tell the difference, but don’t let this turn you away from trying out new things. Find the coffee that you like, whether it be fine ground coffee or coffee in a can from the store, and just enjoy your hot cup of joe in the morning!

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