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Ultimate Guide to Different Coffee Grind Levels


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Coffee can range from a light-medium roast to an extremely strong dark roast and down to being so weak it makes your regular drip coffee seem strong. Knowing what kind of coffee grind you are looking for depends on how you want your coffee to taste and how much caffeine is in it. Your choice of bean may also impact the type of grind you choose. This article discusses the different types of coffee grinds.

Coarse Grind

Coarse grinds, also known as French Press grinds, are between the medium and extra coarse. They are ideal for use in French press machines or any style of drip coffee dripper because the grounds stay in the filter and brew slowly. This is a great way to enjoy less caffeine with your brew without sacrificing flavor.

Very Coarse Grind

For those more into specialty coffee drinks, you may want to try a very coarse grind. This type of grind can make your coffee stronger and stronger as it is ground down further and further. A very coarse grind must be run through an espresso grinder to use in your espresso machine. This type of grind is great for making iced coffee.

Extra Coarse Grind

An extra coarse grind is exactly what it says. This type of grind should not go through a typical blade grinder. Using this method will give you grounds that are too coarse, and they will not brew well as they tend to clog the filter or kitchen strainer. To get an extra coarse grind on your own, you can use a food processor. When using this method, only run your beans through the food processor for about 10 seconds so that the beans do not become too ground. This type of grind can also be great for making iced coffee if you do not like there to be too many coffee bean particles in the bottom of your cup.

Medium Grind

You should expect medium grinds from most types of blade grinders or blade mills. The medium grind is ideal for use in automatic drip coffee makers. Medium grinds require about 7-10 minutes of brewing to get your beans’ full flavour and aroma.

Fine Grind

A fine grind is ideal for espresso machines, which extract the most flavour from your beans. A fine grind should be run through an espresso grinder, or it can be purchased already ground in your local grocery store. A fine grind is one of the most popular grinds used in espresso machines.

Why it Matters

In conclusion, knowing the different types of grinds, you can use allows you to enjoy various kinds of coffee and gives you a greater appreciation for what it takes to make each kind of coffee. Different bean grinds will attribute to different levels of caffeine, robustness, and flavor of your cup of coffee. Some bean grinds are better for making things such as cold brew or using a French press, whereas a very fine grind is most suited for making espresso in an espresso machine.

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